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Freespooling, also known as "free spool" is a feature found on many fishing reels that allows the fishing line to be released from the spool with minimal resistance or tension. When a reel is in freespool mode, the spool is disengaged from the drag system, allowing line to be pulled off the reel freely. Freespooling is typically used in situations where it is necessary to allow a fish to take line without feeling resistance from the drag system. For example, when a fish makes a strong run after being hooked, the angler may engage the freespool feature to prevent the line from breaking under tension. To engage freespool mode, anglers typically disengage the reel's drag system or activate a separate switch or lever on the reel. Once the fish has stopped running or the angler is ready to resume reeling in the line, the freespool feature can be disengaged, allowing the drag system to once again apply tension to the line. Freespooling is commonly used in various fishing techniques, including live bait fishing, trolling, and bottom fishing, where allowing fish to take line without resistance can increase the chances of a successful hookset and landing. However, it requires careful attention from the angler to ensure that the fish does not spool the reel or take too much line before the drag is engaged again.

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