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"Getting skinny" in fishing refers to navigating or fishing in very shallow water, often in contexts such as flats fishing, where anglers target species like bonefish, redfish, or permit. In these shallow environments, the water may be so shallow that it barely covers the fish's dorsal fins, making them appear "skinny" or close to the surface. This term is commonly used in saltwater fly fishing, where anglers pole or wade in shallow waters to sight fish for species that frequent these environments. "Getting skinny" implies that the angler is actively seeking out these shallow areas, often with the intention of spotting fish and making precise casts to target them. Anglers who specialize in flats fishing or shallow water fishing often refer to "getting skinny" as a key part of their strategy, as it allows them to access areas where fish are likely to feed and provides opportunities for sight fishing, where they can visually locate and target individual fish. Successfully navigating and fishing in skinny water requires stealth, patience, and careful observation to avoid spooking the fish and to present the fly or lure effectively.

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