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"Lipping a fish" is a term used in fishing to describe a technique where an angler grips a fish by inserting their thumb or fingers into the fish's mouth and under its lower lip, effectively holding onto the fish's lower jaw. This allows the angler to control the fish and lift it out of the water without using a net or handling the fish's body directly. Lipping a fish is commonly practiced when catching certain species of fish, particularly those with a relatively small or soft mouth structure that can be easily gripped without causing harm to the fish. It is a popular technique among anglers who practice catch-and-release fishing, as it minimizes handling stress and potential injury to the fish. When lipping a fish, it's important for anglers to use gentle pressure and avoid exerting excessive force on the fish's jaw, as this can cause injury or damage to the fish's mouth. Additionally, anglers should be mindful of the fish's teeth or any sharp structures inside its mouth, especially when handling species like bass, pike, or walleye, which may have sharp teeth or gill rakers. Overall, lipping a fish is a useful and effective technique for safely handling and releasing fish while minimizing harm and stress to the fish. It allows anglers to quickly and securely control the fish for removal of the hook, measurement, and photography before releasing it back into the water.

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