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Artificial lure fishing is a method of fishing that involves using artificial baits or lures to attract fish. Unlike live bait, artificial lures are man-made and often mimic the appearance and movement of natural prey, such as insects, smaller fish, or other aquatic creatures. These lures are typically made of materials like plastic, rubber, metal, or wood. Anglers use various types of artificial lures, including soft plastic baits, crankbaits, spoons, jigs, and spinners, among others. The goal is to entice fish into striking the lure, believing it to be actual prey. Artificial lure fishing requires skill and technique, as anglers need to manipulate the lure in a way that imitates the natural movement of prey, making it more attractive to the targeted fish. This method of fishing is popular among both freshwater and saltwater anglers, and it provides a versatile and dynamic approach to catching fish.

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