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Bowfishing is a method of fishing that involves using a specialized archery bow and arrow to catch fish. Unlike traditional fishing methods that use a rod and reel, bowfishing combines elements of archery and fishing, requiring anglers to shoot fish with specially designed arrows. Anglers use bows specifically designed for bowfishing, often equipped with heavy-duty reels and lines. The arrows used are usually equipped with barbed points to prevent the fish from easily escaping. Bowfishers typically target species that swim near the water's surface or in shallow areas, such as carp, gar, tilapia, and other rough fish. When a suitable target is spotted, the angler aims the bow at the fish and releases the arrow. The goal is to impale the fish with the arrow and then reel it in using the attached line. Once the fish is struck by the arrow, the angler retrieves the line, bringing the fish back to the boat or shore. Bowfishing is often done in clear, shallow waters, making it a visually exciting and challenging form of fishing. It is popular in both freshwater and saltwater environments and is considered a sport in many places. Additionally, bowfishing is often practiced as a method of controlling invasive or undesirable fish species in certain ecosystems.

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