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Cut bait fishing is a method of angling that involves using pieces of cut or sliced fish as bait to attract and catch larger predatory fish. In this technique, anglers typically use the fresh or preserved remains of smaller fish, such as mullet, herring, mackerel, or other species, as bait. The cut bait is usually prepared in chunks or strips to mimic the appearance of wounded or struggling prey. Anglers cut the fish into pieces, often removing the head, tail, and fins, and then slicing the body into manageable sections. The goal is to create bait that releases scent and attracts larger fish. The cut bait is then rigged onto a fishing hook using various methods. Some anglers use single or treble hooks depending on the size of the bait and the targeted fish species. Anglers can cast the cut bait into the water and wait for predatory fish to be attracted by the scent. Alternatively, cut bait can be used while trolling, where the bait is pulled behind a moving boat to cover more water. Once the cut bait is in the water, anglers wait for predatory fish to detect the scent and strike. Common targets for cut bait fishing include larger species like catfish, sharks, striped bass, and other predatory fish. Cut bait fishing is effective because it releases natural scents and oils into the water, attracting predators from a distance. It is commonly used in both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and the choice of bait and technique may vary based on the targeted species and the fishing environment.

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