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Gigging is a method of fishing or hunting aquatic animals, particularly those in shallow waters, using a specialized tool called a gig. A gig is a multi-pronged spear or fork attached to a pole or handle, designed for impaling and capturing fish or other aquatic creatures. In gigging, the angler or hunter typically wades or stands in shallow waters, often at night when many species of fish are closer to the surface. The gig is then thrust into the water towards the target, with the goal of impaling and securing the fish on the prongs. The technique requires skill and precision to accurately spear the intended catch. Gigging is commonly used for freshwater species like frogs, flounder, and catfish. In some regions, it is also employed for catching certain types of saltwater fish. The method is often chosen for its effectiveness in environments where traditional fishing methods may be less practical. It's important to note that gigging regulations and practices vary by location and species, and some areas may have restrictions or guidelines to ensure sustainable and ethical hunting or fishing practices.

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