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Heavy tackle fishing involves using strong and robust fishing gear, including heavy-duty rods, reels, lines, and terminal tackle. This method is employed when targeting large and powerful fish species that require significant strength and durability in the fishing equipment to successfully land them. The characteristics of heavy tackle fishing include strong and stiff fishing rods with a higher line weight rating, reels designed to withstand the stress of battling large fish, thick and strong fishing lines made of materials like braided or monofilament lines, and heavy-duty terminal tackle components such as hooks and swivels. This style of fishing is popular in offshore or deep-sea environments, where anglers pursue trophy-sized fish like marlin, tuna, shark, or other species known for their size and strength. Heavy tackle fishing is chosen for its ability to handle the challenges posed by formidable opponents in the water. Skilled anglers are required to manage the increased strength and weight of the equipment during the fight.

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