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Scalloping is a recreational activity that involves harvesting scallops, a type of bivalve mollusk, from shallow coastal waters. Typically practiced in regions with suitable habitats, such as seagrass beds or sandy bottoms, scalloping is often pursued in the warm summer months. Participants snorkel or wade in shallow waters equipped with mesh bags or dive bags to collect the sought-after mollusks. The harvesting process involves visually locating scallops in the water and then using a hand-operated net or a collection bag to gather them. Unlike traditional fishing, scalloping is a hands-on and interactive experience that combines elements of snorkeling and underwater exploration. Once collected, the scallops are often shucked on the boat or shore, and the adductor muscle (the edible part) is retained for culinary use. Scalloping is not only a recreational pastime but also a popular outdoor activity that provides a unique way for individuals and families to connect with nature and enjoy the coastal environment.

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