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Dove hunting is a type of bird hunting that specifically targets doves, which are small to medium-sized birds known for their swift and acrobatic flight. Dove hunting is a popular outdoor activity practiced in various regions, especially during specific hunting seasons when dove populations are more active. Doves are often hunted for sport and as a source of game meat. Hunters engaged in dove hunting typically use shotguns loaded with birdshot to take down doves. The activity often involves waiting in concealed locations, such as blinds or camouflaged areas, where hunters can observe doves flying to and from feeding or watering locations. Some hunters also use decoys to attract doves to specific areas. Dove hunting is known for its social aspect, and it is often conducted in groups. It provides an opportunity for camaraderie among hunters and is considered a relatively accessible form of bird hunting. Dove hunting seasons are regulated by wildlife management authorities to ensure sustainable practices and the conservation of dove populations. While dove hunting is popular for recreational purposes, it is also a traditional and cultural activity in some regions, with events and festivals centered around the hunting season. The practice is subject to hunting regulations and ethical considerations to promote responsible and sustainable hunting practices.

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