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Duck hunting is a type of waterfowl hunting that specifically involves pursuing ducks for sport or for food. It is a popular outdoor activity practiced by hunters in various regions with abundant waterfowl populations. Duck hunting typically takes place in wetland areas, such as marshes, ponds, lakes, rivers, or coastal areas, where ducks congregate during migration or for feeding and breeding. Hunters use shotguns to take down ducks, and the use of trained retriever dogs is common to retrieve the fallen birds from the water. Duck hunting often involves the use of decoys, calls, and blinds to attract and conceal hunters from the ducks. The hunting season is usually regulated and may vary depending on the region and the specific duck species being targeted. Duck hunting requires adherence to strict regulations and ethical practices to ensure sustainable and responsible hunting. Many hunters also contribute to conservation efforts by supporting wetland habitat restoration projects, which benefit not only waterfowl but also other wildlife species. Duck hunting is not only a recreational activity but also a tradition deeply rooted in outdoor culture, providing a connection to nature and the conservation of waterfowl habitats.

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