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Flats fishing is a specialized form of angling that takes place in shallow, flat areas of coastal waters, typically inshore or nearshore environments. These shallow flats can include areas like seagrass beds, sandy bottoms, and mud flats. Flats fishing is known for targeting specific species that inhabit these shallow waters, including bonefish, permit, redfish, and other saltwater species. The primary characteristic of flats fishing is the extremely shallow depth, often ranging from a few inches to a couple of feet. Anglers usually sight fish in these clear waters, spotting fish swimming in the shallows and casting their lures or flies towards them. Poling skiffs or shallow-draft boats are commonly used in flats fishing to navigate the shallow waters quietly and efficiently. Flats fishing is recognized for its visual aspect, where anglers rely on keen observation to spot fish and present their baits or lures in a precise and enticing manner. The techniques used in flats fishing include fly fishing, spin casting, and bait fishing, often with a focus on presenting lures or flies in a way that mimics natural prey and entices the fish to strike. This style of fishing requires stealth, accurate casting, and an understanding of the behavior of the targeted species in shallow water environments.

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