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Goose hunting is a specific type of waterfowl hunting that focuses on pursuing and harvesting various species of geese. It is a popular outdoor activity practiced by hunters in regions where geese are abundant, especially during their migration seasons. Goose hunting shares similarities with waterfowl hunting in general, as both involve the use of shotguns, decoys, calls, and blinds. Hunters engage in goose hunting to harvest geese for sport, food, or both. The hunting experience often includes the strategic placement of decoys to simulate a flock of feeding or resting geese. Hunters use calls to mimic the sounds made by geese, attracting them to the area. Concealment in blinds or natural cover is essential for minimizing the birds' awareness of the hunters. Goose hunting seasons are regulated by wildlife management authorities to ensure sustainable practices and conservation of goose populations. Like waterfowl hunting in general, goose hunting enthusiasts often contribute to habitat conservation efforts, recognizing the importance of maintaining healthy wetlands and ecosystems for waterfowl. Goose hunting requires knowledge of goose behavior, effective use of decoys and calls, and adherence to ethical and legal guidelines to ensure responsible hunting practices. It is both a recreational pursuit and a means of connecting with nature while participating in the broader traditions of waterfowl hunting.

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