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Hog hunting is a form of hunting that specifically targets wild boars or feral pigs. Feral hogs are non-native or domesticated pigs that have become wild and invasive in many regions. Hog hunting is practiced for various reasons, including population control, habitat protection, and as a recreational pursuit. The activity is often carried out in diverse environments, including forests, swamps, agricultural lands, and grasslands. Hunters use various methods for hog hunting, including the use of firearms such as rifles or shotguns, as well as hunting with dogs. Some hunters employ techniques like baiting or trapping to attract and capture hogs. Hog hunting can be done during the day or at night, and hunters may use specialized equipment such as thermal imaging scopes or night-vision devices to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. Hog hunting is popular in regions where feral hog populations have become a nuisance or threat to ecosystems and agriculture. The activity requires knowledge of hog behavior, effective tracking and stalking skills, and adherence to hunting regulations. While hog hunting serves practical purposes such as population control, it is also a recreational pursuit enjoyed by hunters seeking a challenging and dynamic hunting experience.

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