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Invasive species hunting involves actively managing and controlling non-native or invasive species within a particular ecosystem. These species, introduced outside their native range, can pose threats to the environment, economy, or human well-being. Hunting invasive species takes various forms, depending on the type of organism and the specific challenges it presents. Efforts may include hunting invasive animals like feral pigs or European starlings using methods such as trapping, shooting, or hunting with dogs. In the case of invasive plants, hunting involves targeted removal through cutting, uprooting, or the use of herbicides. Aquatic invasive species, such as invasive fish, may be targeted through activities like spearfishing, netting, or angling. Invasive species hunting is conducted in coordination with conservation and environmental management initiatives, aiming to protect native ecosystems. The goal is to minimize the impact of invasive species on local biodiversity, ecosystem health, and human activities. Regulations are often in place to ensure responsible and effective control measures.

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