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Turkey hunting is a form of hunting that specifically targets wild turkeys. It is a popular outdoor activity practiced by hunters across North America and other regions where wild turkeys are found. Turkey hunting seasons are often regulated, and hunters use a variety of methods to pursue these birds, including calling, decoying, and stalking. Hunters engage in turkey hunting primarily during the spring and fall seasons when turkeys are more active and vocal. In the spring, hunters often target male turkeys, known as toms or gobblers, during their mating season. The use of turkey calls, such as box calls, slate calls, or mouth calls, is common to mimic the sounds of a hen, attracting gobblers to the hunter's position. During the fall season, turkey hunters may target both male and female turkeys, and the methods can vary, including the use of calls, still-hunting, or setting up near feeding areas. Hunters may also use decoys to attract turkeys and enhance their chances of a successful hunt. Turkey hunting requires knowledge of turkey behavior, understanding their vocalizations, and often involves careful camouflage and concealment. Shotguns loaded with specific turkey loads or specialized archery equipment are commonly used for hunting turkeys. Turkey hunting is not only a challenging pursuit but also a social and recreational activity that has become deeply rooted in outdoor traditions.

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