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Captain Brent is a full-time professional fishing and hunting guide serving the Rockport, Texas area and beyond. With over 30 years of professional outfitting experience in the hunting and fishing guiding industry, and while owning his own business for the last 20 years, he is well-seasoned in catering to clients of all backgrounds and ages.

His area bays for fishing cover a wide range, from San Antonio Bay all the way down to Baffin Bay, including Copano, St. Charles, Aransas, Mesquite, Ayers, Carlos, Redfish, Corpus Christi, Nueces, the Upper Laguna Madre, and many more bays and saltwater marshes too numerous to mention. In addition, he has access to numerous hunting ranches throughout South Texas for a variety of hunting trips.

Captain Brent holds licenses from the U. S. Coast Guard and the State of Texas, along with certification in adult CPR and first aid. He is an active member of the Coastal Bend Guides Association, having even served as a member of the Board of Directors, representing the city of Rockport, Texas.

While he specializes in catching redfish, Captain Brent also employs drift and anchor fishing techniques for all saltwater species of fish, including speckled trout, redfish or red drum, flounder, black drum, sharks, and sheephead, catering to both novice and experienced fishermen alike.

In addition to his extensive fishing knowledge, Captain Brent also boasts considerable expertise in South Texas hog hunting. With years of experience and a keen understanding of the region's terrain and wildlife, he offers thrilling hog hunting adventures for those seeking the excitement of the hunt in the heart of South Texas.

Captain Brent extends a warm welcome to children over 5 years of age when accompanied by respectful parental guidance. Join Captain Brent for an exhilarating and memorable excursion to the great outdoors along the Texas Coastal Bend in Rockport, Texas.

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Captain Brent offers exceptional waterfowl hunting in the Rockport, Texas area during Texas' annual Duck Seasons. Hunters enjoy fast-paced duck hunting from well-camouflaged blinds on the scenic coastal Texas flats. Primary species include pintail, widgeon, teal and redheads, with bufflehead and scaup ducks also plentiful. We have great afternoon duck hunting for those who do not like to get up early and are interested in leisurely leaving the dock at about 1 pm and are often limited by early afternoon. Duck hunts begin at legal shooting time, and finish when clients bag their limits, or about 10:00 am, whichever comes first Read More

Duck Hunting Trip in Rockport

Coastal Duck Delight

22 ft 1 - 19 People From $238 / person

Experience the ultimate hunting-fishing combo trip with Captain Brent in the coastal bays of Texas! Whether you're seeking the thrill of the hunt or the excitement of reeling in the big catch, Captain Brent has got you covered. Operating two top-of-the-line boats, a 23' outboard jet boat and a 22' Panther airboat, he ensures that you'll be fishing from the best vessel suited to your needs and the day's conditions. Rest assured, your comfort and safety are our top priorities. All our boats meet US Coast Guard standards and are equipped with essential amenities, including USCG approved life vests, GPS, cellular phone, and a medical kit. You can count on a dry, secure, and comfortable ride as you embark on unforgettable fishing trips. We provide everything you need for a successful fishing adventure. From a percentage of live bait, tackle, rods, and lures to fish cleaning and packaging, we've got you covered. Just bring a cooler to take home your well-deserved catch. Please note that during the summer months, if you opt for live croaker or piggie perch as your preferred bait, there will be an additional cost. But our offerings don't stop at fishing! Captain Brent also provides exceptional waterfowl hunting experiences in the stunning Rockport, Texas area during Texas' annual Duck Seasons. From well-camouflaged blinds on the scenic coastal Texas flats, you'll enjoy fast-paced duck hunting like never before. Pintail, widgeon, teal, redheads, bufflehead, and scaup ducks are among the primary species you can expect to encounter. Book your hunting-fishing combo trip with Captain Brent today and immerse yourself in the thrill of the chase and the joy of reeling in prized catches in the picturesque coastal bays of Texas. Unforgettable adventures await! Read More

Duck, Flats, Inshore, Nearshore Fishing, Hunting Charter in Rockport

Cast And Blast Thrills

22 ft 1 - 6 People From $412 / person

Captain Brent operates out of two different boats. A 23’ outboard jet boat and a 22’ Panther airboat. Depending upon which boat he thinks is best for you along with the days fishing conditions, or which boat you choose, is the one you will be fishing from. Rest assured you will have a dry, safe, and comfortable ride while on your fishing trips in the coastal bays of Texas. All boats meet US Coast Guard standards, carry USCG approved life vests, GPS, cellular phone and a medical kit. We provide a percentage of live bait, tackle, rods, lures, fish cleaning, and packaging of your catch. Bring a cooler to take them home in. During the summer months, fishing trips while using live croaker or piggie perch, you will be required to pay for bait costs if you choose to have them as you're preferred bait. Read More

Flats, Inshore, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Rockport

Rockport Fish Frenzy

22 ft 1 - 6 People From $240 / person

South Texas Hog and Javelina Hunting What a Blast! These hunts are conducted late January through mid-March respectively, after deer season, while it's cool and the wild game are used to coming to the feed from the years’ closed deer hunting season. We have several ranches scattered throughout the South Texas brush country and the Hill Country area around Austin / San Antonio insuring you have a good hunt. Ranches vary in size from 1,000 to 15,000 acres. We only hunt a particular ranch for a week or so before moving onto another which aids in our hunters in always being on fresh game which equates to usually higher success rates. Long before your hunt, we will have set up rifle & archery stands, and have filled corn feeders at different ranches to keep the hogs and other game coming to them without being molested so that every hunter has an equally fair chance at non-pressured game. Hunts are a semi guided type of hunt, where once you arrive at ranch, we will show you around the ranch to familiarize you with stand locations and lay of the land, then "turn you loose" to do your own hunting. We will also advise you on which areas of the ranch look more promising than others so that your chances of harvesting go up, instead of you going in blind and wasting precious hunting time trying to find game "hotspots". Brent, personally, will be at the ranch for any help you may need during your hunt at all times, and will feed stand location roads every afternoon also aiding in drawing the game out of the brush and cutting down on your valuable hunting time. All of our ranches have lodging accommodations with all the comforts of your own home. If you would like to bring and stay in your own RV you may do so instead of using our lodging. Space is limited so that we do not crowd hunters We allow night hunting Hunt with any weapon except fully autos Two trophy javelina No Trophy or Hidden Fees Cost of corn is typically $50 per hunter Price includes lodging. Read More

Hog Hunting Trip in Ozona

South Texas Hog Haul

22 ft 1 - 10 People From $250 / person


Black Drum, Blue-Winged Teal, Bluebill, Flounder, Gadwall, Green-Winged Teal, Hog, Mottled Duck, Northern Pintail, Northern Shoveler, Redfish, Redhead, Wigeon


Bottom Fishing, Decoy Hunting, Heavy Tackle Fishing, Hunting from a Blind, Light Tackle Fishing, Rifle Hunting, Shotgun Hunting

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Duck, Flats, Hog, Inshore, Nearshore

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Paradise Key Dockside Bar & Grill, Cove Harbor North, Rockport, TX, USA

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