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Deep Sea Nearshore

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Captain Patrick was born and raised on St. Barthélemy, and has lived there his whole life. From a family of fishermen, Captain Patrick was raised fishing traditional techniques and implements the same techniques in his charters as well. Though advancements in technology (rods and reels) have made landing big fish easier over the years, Captain Patrick's favorite technique is handlining. To him it gives him, and his clients, a direct connection to the fish. Unhindered by a carbon fiber rod or state of the art real, he can feel every head shake, sprint, or twitch of muscle and can react accordingly for a more efficient fight.

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Head out with Captain Patrick for the authentic St. Barthélemy fishing experience out of Gran Cul De Sac! Captain Patrick is one of the few charter captains on the island and has been honing his craft as a professional fisherman for the past 25 years. Unlike all the other charters on the island though, Captain Patrick offers something special aboard his vessel: His preferred technique for catching fish doesn't involve a rod or reel, just your hands, some gloves, and the fishing line! Now you might think, ok so we'll only be catching smaller fish then... Nope, Captain Patrick and his clients battle Bull Mahi Mahi, Speedy Wahoo, 160lb Yellow Fin Tuna, and even the occasional Blue Marlin... Without a Rod! Now Captain Patrick keeps a heavyweight rod on board as a backup, but 95% of his clients leave the boat preferring handlining to conventional rod and reel! While this may seem like a foreign concept to most, he has noticed that handlining gives you a more direct connection to the fish. With the line in your hand you can feel every move the fish makes, a much more intimate experience. All the fish caught are claimed by the Captain, but he is more than happy to share the bounty and will often send you home with enough tasty fillets for dinner. All trips are very dependent on weather, it is highly recommended that you have some buffer days around the target day of your trip in order to ensure you have the best chance of getting out on the water. Captain Patrick will pick you up right on the beach at Grand Cul De Sac. Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Gustavia

"Old Man And The Sea" Handlining

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Volusia P


Great people! Great service!

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This was an awesome experience. So glad we were able to go. Excellent crew!


Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna


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Deep Sea, Nearshore

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Grand Cul-de-Sac, Saint Barthélemy

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