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Captain Shawn was born and raised here in Spanish Wells Bahamas.

He has been diving and fishing these waters since he was 6 years old, and knows these waters better than the back of his own hand. He still lives in Spanish Wells Eleuthera (and loves it) where the waters are clear and beautiful and great for Fishing. He also runs deepsea and reef adventures aboard his center console, but he lives to chase the grey ghost. Anybody that fishes with him knows that he has an especially incredible ability to sight bonefish in the turtle grass, which can be extremely difficult to do, and has proven over and over again to get his clients on that extra big fish!

Spanish Wells has been known for its lobster fishery for decades and now it's catching attention for its Game Fishing too. The bonefish in this Bahamas are big, bountiful, and naive. While some areas are attracting more pressure like Nassau, Spanish Wells remains an untapped oasis for big bonefish on the fly!

With waters clear and pristine, beautiful beaches, and immaculate flats you will LOVE the fishing (bonefishing) and in relatively unfished waters.

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Looking for the best bonefishing in the Bahamas? Captain Shaw has got you covered over in Spanish Wells! There are few places in the world where you can expect to find trophy-size bonefish. The Bahamas is arguably the best, and within the Bahamas, Spanish Wells is the cream of the crop. What makes Spanish Wells the best bonefishing in the Bahamas you ask? It’s not that the average schooling fish is 4-6 pounds, it’s not that you will see bonefish easily topping 10 pounds, it’s not that you will see 15-pound bonefish tailing frequently. What makes Spanish Wells the best bonefishing in the Bahamas, and quite possibly the world, is that there is no pressure on these fish. The bonefish in the keys are big and plentiful, but they are smart, they've been raised around boats, humans, flies, and hooks of all manner so they have become picky eaters. Down in Spanish Wells is quite the opposite. With almost no fishing pressure, the bohemian bonefish don't give it a second thought if a tasty fly is dancing in front of their face! These fish are still bonefish however and are not unintelligent. That's where your expert guide comes in. With over 25 years of experience guiding successful bonefish adventures, and a lifetime spent out on these waters, there is no one better to pole you across the gin-clear flats and stalk up on happy fish than Captain Shawn! Position is everything when casting to these happy fish, and Captain Shawn will set you up perfectly, every time, for an easy shot on these "Grey Ghosts of the Flats." The saying “You're only as good as your equipment” is definitely the case when chasing bonefish. Captain Shaw's 2016, 18 foot flats boat is a new generation of technical poling skiff designed with shallow water tournament fishing & guide captains in mind. This boat is the premiere flats boat and is without question the nicest flats boat in all of Eleuthera. The boat was custom made and has a premium fit & finish, completely custom made & hand laid. It provides exceptional slide-free maneuvering, is very easy to pole, tracks straight, handles chop & provides a smooth, dry ride with no hull slap, and fishes very quiet. This skiff offers unmatched shallow water performance while running and poling. If you want to have the opportunity to catch a trophy size bonefish in waters where bonefish have rarely seen a fisherman or a fly, book your trip with Captain Shawn for an unforgettable experience flyfishing the Bahamas. Read More

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