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Captain Phil is a full-service fishing and hunting guide with over 25 years of local knowledge and experience. He takes a unique approach to inshore and nearshore light tackle sportfishing.

Captain Phil also provides extreme angling experiences for Tarpon, Sharks, Goliath Grouper, and seasonal charters for Lobster and Scallops in other popular Florida destinations. Book a trip with him to see why Florida is "The Fishing Capital of the World"!

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Key West is big part of the reason that Florida is known as the "Fishing Capital of the World". On this trip, you'll mix it up, doing some inshore fishing and some lobster-diving—all according to your preferences. In terms of fishing, you'll have opportunities for great inshore species including Redfish, Snook, and Mangrove Snapper, all of which are terrific fighters on light tackle. You'll also be able to dive for lobsters, which is extremely fun. The Caribbean Spiny Lobster is what brings many people to the Keys; not only are they fun and easy to catch, but they're also delicious eating. Captain Phil will show you exactly how to find and bag these crustaceans, so you can go home with dinner! All passengers 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times while onboard the boat. Read More

Inshore Fishing Charter in Key West

Inshore Fishing + Lobstering

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24 ft 1 - 6 People From $183 / person

If you've been looking to do more than just sunbathe in Key West, FL, then this trip has your name on it! Get out on the crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys and chase down several incredible offshore sportfish species with Captain Phil, a top captain who really does it all, from scalloping and lobstering to inshore, nearshore, and offshore fishing. The Keys are a world-renowned sport fishery, and on this trip, you'll have full access to the fish that made it famous. You'll target classics including Mahi Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, and Wahoo using trolling techniques, as well as Gag Grouper down on the reefs and rocks. These fish are both a blast to fight, and delicious table fare as well! You'll step off the dock and onto Captain Phil's center console. She's outfitted with a powerful engine, and you can expect a smooth ride whether you're close to shore or out deep. She also features multiple amenities to enhance the fishing and keep you comfortable! Captain Phil will supply everything you need for a spectacular day, including all th rods, reels, bait, and tackle. All you need to bring along is sunscreen, proper clothing, sunglasses, and a hat! Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Key West

Offshore Key West - 24’ Dorado

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24 ft 1 - 6 People From $225 / person

On this inshore fishing adventure in Tampa Bay, you'll get out there and enjoy the great fishing and natural beauty this area has to offer! Captain Phil runs these trips aboard his 24' Dorado "hybrid" bay boat, which has a 10" draft and is perfect for navigating the shallow waters of Tampa Bay, where you'll be targeting Mangrove Snapper, Redfish, and Snook. As you depart the marina, Captain Phil will provide a brief safety orientation and explain the fishing techniques you'll be using to target these species. Once you reach your fishing grounds, Captain Phil will use his knowledge of the local area to find the best spots to drop your lines. As you work your way through the mangrove-lined channels, you'll be targeting Mangrove Snapper, a delicious and feisty species that thrives in the shallow waters of Tampa Bay. You'll use both live bait and lures to entice these fish, and once they take the bait, you're in for a fight! Next, you'll move on to target Redfish, a prized game fish known for its powerful runs and flaky filets! Finally, you'll switch gears to target Snook, another popular inshore species that is known for its stealthy behavior and explosive strikes. You'll use live bait to lure these fish into biting, and when they do, you'll need to be ready for a battle that will test your angling skills. As you reel in your catches, Captain Phil will be there to help you land them and keep them fresh for the ride back to the marina. At the end of your inshore fishing adventure, you'll have a cooler full of delicious fish that you can take home to cook up for dinner. You'll also have memories of a thrilling day on the water that you'll never forget. All passengers 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times while onboard the boat. Read More

Inshore Fishing Charter in Ruskin

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing

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24 ft 1 - 6 People From $150 / person

Welcome to Tampa Bay, Florida, where the sun is shining, the water is crystal clear, and the fish are biting! Join Captain Phil on a thrilling nearshore fishing adventure aboard his sleek 24' Dorado "hybrid" bay boat. With its shallow draft and powerful engine, this boat is perfect for navigating the waters of Tampa Bay and getting you to the best fishing spots. Under the expert guidance of Captain Phil, you'll be targeting some of the most sought-after species in the area, including Kingfish, Hogfish, and Snappers. These delicious fish are known for their fighting spirit, so get ready for some exciting battles on the water. As you reel in your catches, you'll enjoy stunning views of the Florida coastline and the surrounding islands. Keep an eye out for dolphins, manatees, and other marine life that call Tampa Bay home! All passengers 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times while onboard the boat. Read More

Nearshore Fishing Charter in Ruskin

Tampa Bay Live Action

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24 ft 1 - 6 People From $183 / person

Get ready for an exciting day of shark fishing in Tampa Bay, Florida! Join Captain Phil aboard his 24' Dorado bay boat and prepare to battle some of the most fearsome predators in the ocean. You'll be targeting Blacktip Sharks, Bull Sharks, and Bonnetheads, all known for their aggressive nature and powerful fighting ability. As you cast your line into the waters of Tampa Bay, you'll feel the adrenaline build as you wait for one of these sharks to strike. When it does, hold on tight and brace yourself for a thrilling battle! Sharks have terrific endurance and can fight for 30 minutes or more. Book your fishing charter with Captain Phil today and experience the thrill of shark fishing in Tampa Bay! Read More

Inshore, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Ruskin

Tampa Bay Shark Hunt

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24 ft 1 - 6 People From $150 / person

Join us for the ultimate duck hunting adventure in the picturesque wetlands of Tampa, FL, led by the renowned Captain Phil! Prepare to embark on an unforgettable expedition, immersing yourself in the heart of nature's bounty. Our Duck Hunt in Tampa promises an adrenaline-pumping experience as we pursue a diverse range of waterfowl species, including the majestic Mallard, the striking mottled ducks, and the elusive wood ducks. With Captain Phil at the helm, a seasoned expert in duck hunting and the region's waterways, you'll be guided to the most prime hunting spots, ensuring you have the best chance of bagging your prized ducks. Whether you're a seasoned hunter looking to add to your collection or a first-time enthusiast eager to experience the thrill of the hunt, this trip caters to all skill levels. As you explore the tranquil marshes and pristine swamps, you'll also have the opportunity to witness Florida's stunning wildlife and breathtaking landscapes up close. The sunrise over the marshes is a sight to behold, casting a golden glow upon the waters as flocks of ducks take to the skies. Safety is our top priority, and our experienced guides will provide all necessary instructions and precautions, ensuring a secure and responsible hunting experience. So, gather your fellow hunters and come join us for an extraordinary Duck Hunt in Tampa, FL, a true paradise for waterfowl enthusiasts. Make memories, forge bonds, and revel in the thrill of the hunt as you create tales to be shared around the campfire for years to come. Book your spot now and let Captain Phil lead you on an unparalleled hunting adventure! Read More

Duck Hunting Trip in Ruskin

Duck Hunting Tampa Bay

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24 ft 1 - 4 People From $350 / person

Recent Reviews of Fish Tamer Charters


Verified Review Hunting

We would recommend Captain Phil 100%. He handled two rookies to saltwater fishing and all our questions like a champ. We truly enjoyed the day and to top it off he put my wife on a 5ft bullshark so mission accomplished.

John S.


We had a great time. Captain Phil and Jinger was great leading us into some great fishing.

Colt H.


We had a great time with Captain Phil. He was great with my kids we cought numerous types of fish and a couple of sharks.

C Bunch.


Captain Phil was a great guide. Caught a ton of Snook and Brought home 10 snappers!

Landon O.


had a great time and caught a big shark definitely recommend to others


Verified Review Hunting

Captain Phil is Great!!’n Phil is very personable and put you on fish. Phil shared pointers on fishing techniques to help you catch fish. A lot of fishing action in the Tampa Bay fishery!!! You can’t go wrong by chartering with Phil, you’ll leave a friends. 😎 “Phil’s a damn GOOD Captain”

John K.


I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to fish with CPT Phil. The man knows his fish like no other. We put more fish in the boat than I’ve caught before. He went above and beyond to ensure us a successful day when many of the locals said it was going to be tough to catch them on this particular day due to the weather and rough conditions on the water. I was able to land my first red and snook of my life. To say it was a great day of fishing was a huge understatement. CPT Phil is not just a 5 star Captain but a 5 star man as well. I will highly recommend him for anyone.

David M.


Awesome fishing. We had fish on in 3 seconds and caught over 60 snook and snapper in the first 3 hours. 7 nice snappers for hook and cook and they were amazing. Highly recommend and Phil was awesome.

Gary G.


Captain Phil knows how to find the fish and will flat put you on them. If the bite slows, he’s on to the next place to get the action fast and furious again. Also a great guy to spend the day with. Happy to say there wasn’t a dull moment in the two days we fished with him.

Mychael F.


Amazing experience, caught plenty of fish and had a great time with my group. Learned so much from Captain Phil. Completely satisfied customers, (6 of us).


Blackfin Tuna, Blacktip Shark, Bonnethead Shark, Bull Shark, Gag Grouper, Hogfish, Kingfish, Lobster, Mahi Mahi, Mallard, Mangrove Snapper, Mottled Duck, Mutton Snapper, Redfish, Snook, Wahoo, Wood Duck


Artificial Lure Fishing, Bottom Fishing, Calling, Cut Bait Fishing, Decoy Hunting, Heavy Tackle Fishing, Light Tackle Fishing, Live Bait Fishing, Shotgun Hunting, Trolling

Types of Trip

Deep Sea, Duck, Inshore, Nearshore

Start Location

Key West, FL, USA | Bodies of water fished: Florida Keys, Big Pine Key, Cudjoe Key, Summerland Key, Key West, Tampa Bay, St. Pete Beach | Areas hunted: Tampa Bay, St. Pete Beach

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