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Capt Julius is a seasoned fishing guide hailing from the picturesque Bahamas, where he expertly navigates the crystal-clear waters to provide anglers with unforgettable fishing adventures, blending local knowledge and passion for the sport. With Julius as your guide, you're sure to reel in memories and trophy catches amidst the stunning Bahamian backdrop.

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The Bahamas are home to some of the best flats fishing in the world, and there's no better way to experience this unique environment than a trip with Captain Julius! He's a pro guide, and a longtime member of the Bahamas Fly Fishing Industry Association as well. On these trips, Captain Julius will boat you out to barely-pressured flats that no wading angler can access without a Bahamian guide. You can chase "gray ghosts" all day on the fly, casting and stripping until the bone is in the net! Captain Julius will provide all the necessary gear for your trip, so all you need to bring are some snacks, drinks, and sun protection! The UV index can be really high down in the Bahamas. Sunglasses, long sleeve shirts, pants, and sunscreen are highly recommended. Read More

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Eleuthera Bonefishing Adventure

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Andrew S.


6 stars! Turtles, fish sharks, mangrove, sand bar. It was the best trip ever for our 4 grandchildren. Julius & Chubby did an amazing job. Many thanks for the video Captain Bubba put together.



What a terrific time on Savannah Sound with Capt. Julius and his first mate, Chubby. A great blend of time exploring the mangrove coves, seeing over 300 sea turtles, a little reef fishing and sightseeing--we had a blast and a cooler full of water, sodas and Kalik--we couldn't have asked for a better Adventure Tour and our whole group learned so much about the marine life and ecology of this beautiful area. Again please! Even better, we had amazing grouper tacos after and our own grilled lobster that was caught on our trip.


Verified Review Fishing

It's hard to capture the beauty of fishing in Savannah Sound with words or even photos. It's truly a world class bonefishing destination. The waters here are so pristine and un-pressured by anglers. We did a two boat, 4 guy fly trip with Julius and his uncle Denny. Denny Rankine is the game warden for N. Eleuthera Island, so I would argue you cannot find a better guide to fish with. We started off by easing into the flats, fishing off the boat. 10 minutes in and we already saw groups of 20+ bonefish and Denny got us in great positions to attack them. We eased into the flats and waded in shin-deep water for a few hours. This is where you really get a feel for how amazing this place is, and how knowledgeable the guides are. We had thousands of yards of flats completely to ourselves, and maybe saw 2 boats coming through the channel the entire time we were out there. I'm an intermediate fly fisherman, and my buddy had never been fly fishing before. I hooked up and had some good bone runs, and my buddy actually landed a very nice 20+ inch bone. I'd normally chalk it up to beginner's luck, but Denny's expertise was the reason he landed that fish. Denny's ability to read the fish and predict their movements was almost surreal. Out in the flats, we were taking shots at packs of bones 50+ strong. Knowing that we weren't the most experiences fly anglers, Denny had us cast to an area far away from them, and low and behold, just as he predicted, they turned and swam right over our flies. This guy was quite literally reading where the fish were going, and where they would end up, sometimes a few minutes in advance. Denny was very cautious, walking in front of us and removing razor clams before we had a chance to step on them with our bare feet. Since my luck wasn't as good as my buddy's and I didn't land a fish, Denny kept us out for over an hour past our end time so I could have some more shots to land a bone. I was unable to land one, but the bites and runs I experienced are absolutely enough to keep me coming back. If I had more time on the island, I absolutely would have booked another day with him. Both Denny and Julius are very well versed in this area, and I would trust them to put fly anglers of any experience level onto a bone within 2 days of fishing. Cannot wait to get back to N. Eleuthera and go fishing with these guys again!

David W


We had a fantastic trip with Julius and Chubby! Saw a 9ft tiger shark, snorkeling, captured and released a loggerhead turtle. Had a photo shoot with starfish that we picked up. Finished our trip with a wonderful lunch at Fishbone Restaurant. Most importantly, we made a lifelong friend with Julius and Robin❤️ you will not be disappointed!




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Blue Hole Estates Savannah Sound Eleuthera, Bahamas

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