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Hunting hogs from a helicopter is one wild ride. With no bag limits, this turn-key operation is off the chain. We guarantee that you’ve never experienced anything like it. We provide you with the opportunity to help Texas farmers through a thrilling and unique hunting experience. Heli hog hunting is part of the great state of Texas’ hog depredation program. More than two million feral hogs roam free in Texas, infesting 99% of the state’s counties. They wreak havoc on the native plant and animal populations as well as the land and cause more than $50 million in damage to the state’s farming industry every year. Our skilled pilots have been at this for a long time. They know how to find the hogs and put you in perfect position to take aim. You’ll fly at speeds of up to 175mph, covering hundreds of thousands of acres of Texas farmland. You’ll have a chance to take out as many wild hogs as you possibly can. Make no mistake—hunting moving targets while strapped into a flying vehicle is the ultimate test of a shooter’s skill and a guarantee for the adventure of a lifetime. Read More

Hog Hunting Trip in Temple

Helicopter Hog Hunts

1 - 4 People From $2,200 / person




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7720 Airport Road, Temple, TX, USA | Areas hunted: Brazos River

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