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Paul was born and raised in the Florida Panhandle. Hunting has always been one of his passions, and he certainly has the number of kills to prove it. The idea for guided night vision hog hunts came about through the perfect blend of local need, due to the havoc these hogs can wreak, and love of the hunt. Although he may be a builder and family man by day, he’ll definitely bring the thrill of the hunt to you during any night!

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Join Paul for a Hog hunt sure to please! On this hunt you will be exploring the florida wilderness and have the opportunity to shoot as many hogs as you’re able to. Paul and his team will equip you with all the gear necessary (guns, ammo, night vision equipment, etc.) and then you will set off on this spot-and-stalk style hunt. All of Paul’s hunts are private, so it will be just your group and your guide on this adventure. Paul and his team strive to offer the most authentic hunting experience possible, and so his property is entirely free range. Please note that this package does not include lodging or meals. Your adventure will begin around dusk when you will meet Paul and his team onsite to go over all of the safety rules as well as instructions for all of the gear and equipment. Our night vision equipment includes video capable pulsar thermal scopes and Night Optics D760 6x Gen III night vision. Once you’re comfortable with all the equipment and all questions have been answered, your guide will take you to start the hunt. We have thousands of acres of farmland to hunt on, and your guide will know the best places to start looking for hogs. Between motion activated cameras, baiting, and even word of mouth from local farmers, your guide will drive you to the best locations for hogs throughout 6 hours of thrills under the stars. On brighter nights customers can expect shooting opportunities around 100 yards, and when it’s darker they’ll sneak within 100 yards to get shots as close as possible. Finally, at the end of your hunt Paul and his team will clean and package all of the meat you want to take home free of charge. We’ve been leading night vision hog hunts in the area for almost a decade. Feral hogs are considered an invasive species in Florida, reproducing quickly and wreaking havoc on local crops. In an effort to alleviate this issue, we partner with local farmers, giving us thousands of acres of farm land to patrol and averaging 200+ kills a year. As with any wild animals and any hunting expedition, we cannot guarantee exactly where the hogs will be or that kills will be made. However, we do guarantee our best effort to ensure that you see action and enjoy your hunt. Read More

Hog Hunting Trip in Altha

Night Vision Hog Hunts

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15534 Ashley Shiver Road Northwest, Altha, FL, USA

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