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Guided by Colt Krnavek

Duck Hog

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17 Years of Experience

Colt is a professional guide who runs epic hunts and fishing trips all over Texas. His mainstays are Hog hunts, Duck trips, Flounder gigging along the coast, and Bowfishing. Book a trip with him to see what hunting and fishing in Texas are all about!

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On this epic nighttime hog hunt, you'll head out out after dusk to bag some feral pigs with thermal scopes. Hogs are a major problem in Texas and across the South, causing more than 50 million dollars' worth of annual agricultural damage in Texas alone! Removing hogs from the environment directly benefits the native wildlife and the local community , and is a real blast for hunters of all experience levels. This is a night hunt, so you'll get out there around 7 PM, or just after dusk, and spend around seven hours stalking the hogs. Although there are no guarantees, Colt's hog hunts are extremely successful, and you can bag 10+ hogs on a given night. Hogs are most active at night, when they prefer to feed, so this is a perfect way to max out your hunting experience. Colt provides the firearms (with suppressors) and all the ammunition is included. All you need for the hog hunt of a lifetime is proper clothing (long pants are recommended) and a good attitude! Get out there and get ready to whack some big ol' pigs. Read More

Hog Hunting Trip in Sargent

Houston Area Thermal Hog Hunt

1 - 8 People From $500 / person

Get on down to El Campo, TX for for some early-morning action shooting ducks on Eagle Lake! Your guide and outfitter, Colt, will provide all the scouting, decoys, transportation, and blinds on this morning hunt. Whether you're an experienced duck hunter or just getting into the sport, this South Texas duck hunt will be a real blast for anyone. You'll get out to the blinds using UTVs for up to eight people, so bring your buddies! Texas is smack in the middle of the Central Flyway, and is a stopover for dozens of migratory waterfowl species. The lakes here draw hundreds of thousands of ducks annually, including Green-Winged and Blue-Winged Teals, Wigeons, Redheads, Pintails, Gadwalls, Shoevelers, Mottled Ducks, and more. All of these species are great wingshooting quarries, and are excellent table fare as well. All you need to bring on this hunt are your own shotguns, shells, camouflage, and waders—if you so choose. You will also need your Texas hunting license with a federal duck stamp. What are you waiting for?! Read More

Duck Hunting Trip in El Campo

El Campo Duck Hunt

1 - 8 People From $300 / person


Blue-Winged Teal, Gadwall, Green-Winged Teal, Hog, Mottled Duck, Northern Pintail, Northern Shoveler, Redhead


Decoy Hunting, Hunting from a Blind, Rifle Hunting, Shotgun Hunting

Types of Hunting

Duck, Hog

Start Location

Sargent, TX, USA | Areas hunted: Eagle Lake

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