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Your guide, Stephen, is a terrific all-around angler who specializes in chasing big Trout on spinning gear. He's also a skilled photographer who makes sure to capture his clients' best moments on film! Book a trip with him to get out there and see big bites from hungry fish.

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If you're a freshwater angler looking to branch out and take on a whole new set of sportfish species, a trip with Stephen is exactly what you need. He specializes in catching monster Trout on spinning gear, which is an unusual but extremely productive and fun way to fish! Most anglers in the US are used to spinning gear, and love hooking up fish such as Bass, Crappie, Sunfish, and so on, which can be caught across the country in a huge range of environments. Alternately, most Trout in the US are caught on fly rods, and although we have nothing but love for this time-honored and technical style of fishing, it can be difficult to get the gear and access the mountain streams where Trout live. Stephen's trips combine the best of both worlds, giving you the ability to fight prizewinning Trout on spinning gear, and without having to trek into the mountains to do it! In fact, he fishes private water near Yellow Creek State Park, right in the heart of Pennsylvania's Trout territory. He'll make sure you're set up with the proper tackle to draw bites from hungry Trout, and he'll also show you the proper techniques for fighting these exciting fish, which are famous for their acrobatic jumps and powerful runs. You'll be fishing on artificial only, including a wide variety of lure styles to fit different conditions. In addition, Stephen does exceptional photography and editing, so you'll come home from your trip with great memories, stories, and the amazing pictures to prove it! This extra photography and editing service is included with every trip. Read More

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"Pennsylvania Pigs" On Light Tackle

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