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Riley is a great guide who loves nothing more than getting out on the water and helping clients find, hook, and land big fish! Whether you're an experienced fly-fisherman or just learning the ropes, Riley will put you where the fish are, make sure your technique is smooth, and be ready with the net when that fish is caught. A trip with him is sure to be a blast!

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If you've ever wanted to nail big Carp on tiny dry flies, this trip is for you! Although when many fly anglers think "fly fishing", they're picturing Trout somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, Riley specializes in finding and hooking lowland species such as Carp and Bass. Catching a carp on the fly is hard at first, which is why your guide loves them, and he would love it even more if he could help you get on one yourself! When you go out with one of the guides to chase these feisty specimens you can expect to spend your day wading around lakes and river systems stalking your quarry stealthy and precisely. These fish are very aware of their surroundings, and you get no second chances. It’s either a perfect cast and presentation or the fish spooks, and often, the latter. When they do eat, however, you’re can bet your bottom dollar they're going to take you out to the backing! Certain times of the year, you can also target smallmouth buffalo on the fly, which grow even larger than carp, and are actually indigenous to Texas waters. Teaching trips are also welcomed for folks that have never held a fly rod. If this trip is more in line with your skill level, you can expect it to be more centered around the fundamentals, rather than finding and catching a fish, but it won't be too long before your out to the backing on a giant carp as well! Read More

Lake, River Fishing Trip in Austin

Carp And Buffalo On The Fly

1 - 2 People From $150 / person

If you're looking to spend a peaceful day fly fishing for Rainbows, this might be your trip. The Guadalupe River is one of the top 100 Trout streams in America, so whether you're an experienced angler or just giving it a shot, you'll have many chances to hook up a personal best! During the winter, this river is stocked several times by Texas Parks and Wildlife and Trout Unlimited, so by the time spring rolls around, it's ready to go! Riley is a top guide in this area, and he knows the river like the back of his hand. Cast out some dry flies, nymphs, streamers and enjoy the beautiful surroundings—but when you feel that tug, get ready to set your hook! There are some big fish in the deep holes and eddies, and they're just waiting for that fly to come their way. Read More

River Fishing Trip in New Braunfels

Trout On The Fly

1 - 2 People From $200 / person

Looking to hone your fly fishing skills? Wade into the shallows with Riley outside Austin, TX and send some lines out. This trip is a great chance to hook Freshwater Drum and Largemouth Bass on several types of flies. Whether you're an experienced fly angler looking to go beyond Trout, or a new fisherman looking for some technique tips, this is the trip for you! Riley is an experienced fly fishing guide who can really help you develop your skills. He is extremely passionate about fly fishing, and his love for the sport is contagious. If you weren’t hooked on fly fishing before this trip, be prepared to leave with a new hobby. Read More

Lake, River Fishing Trip in Austin

Texas Bass And Drum On The Fly

1 - 2 People From $150 / person


Brown Trout, Carp, Freshwater Drum, Guadalupe Bass, Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Buffalo, White Bass


Fly Fishing, Sight Casting, Wading

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Lake, River

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Austin, TX, USA | Bodies of water fished: Dripping Springs Natural Area, Dripping Springs, Guadalupe River

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