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Simply put, Captain Sloan has been preparing for life as a charter captain ever since he was a kid. His father started taking him out on the water when he was three years old, and from then on, his passion for fishing just grew stronger. He loves nothing more than being behind the wheel of his boat, guiding people on fishing trips, and putting all of his passion into helping them land some prized fish and having fun while doing it!

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Whether you're a seasoned angler or a vacationer looking to experience the amazing fishing off of Freeport, FL, this trip with Captain Sloan will be the inshore adventure of a lifetime! Captain Sloan is a true expert when it comes to hooking monster Jack Crevalle and Redfish, plus a variety of other inshore species. He's fished this area for a long time, and loves to show clients what it's all about! On this trip, you'll be hunting down Florida gamefish using both live bait and lures, and a combination of light tackle techniques and drifting. Captain Sloan will make sure you have the proper tackle working for you, and is happy to give you some pointers as you go. You'll be fishing from Captain Sloan's 20' Cape Horn center console—a perfect vessel for the calm, shallow waters you'll be fishing. She's powered by a 200-HP Yamaha outboard, and has everything you need for a comfortable and productive day, including GPS, fish finder, flybridge, and a live well for your bait. Captain Sloan will bring everything else, including top-tier rods, reels, bait, and tackle. All you need to remember is proper clothing, sunscreen, a hat, and a pair of polarized glasses, and you'll be good to go! You can also bring a cooler with snacks and drinks. Read More

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Verified Review Fishing

A very disappointing experience today. I understand that it is impossible to guarantee fish, but a professional guide should, at the least, have live bait to fish with. He did attempt to catch some beforehand and during our trip with no success. Should have bought some live bait. Fishing with dried squid and trolling for saltwater catfish doesn’t cut it with me. Yes, I did leave him a nice tip. Hal Land


Verified Review Fishing

Please save your money and book a professional guide. We booked a trip with “Captain Sloan” due to the original trip having to be rescheduled. We are experienced fishermen and know freshwater fishing pretty well. We have never heard of a guide not having bait before your booked trip started. We spent an hour of our booked time riding around looking for bait. Then we got bossed around like peasants doing his bidding driving the boat and picking up what little piddly bait he did catch with his cast net. You would assume that if going out and catching live bait with a cast net was a regular thing for this “professional” he would be proficient at it… WRONG! He fumbled around and barely cleared the deck throwing it and it barely opened most of the time. The whole time he acts like he’s dying of heat stroke and saying he’s gonna have a heart attack and seemed so exhausted from just throwing the net. We pulled up at a few spots and would maybe catch a 10” fish here and nothing for the next 30-45 min. Then he would decide to move. That should have been done 15 min after sitting in a spot with no luck using live bait. Overall he put 2 guys on 3- 8-10” redfish, 2- piddly 8-10” catfish he stated “taste like shit and that he’s allergic to because he got spines once and they make him sweat”, and 1 stingray the size of a paper plate he was deathly afraid of. Let’s go on to say his boat is literally falling apart. The top tower is literally broken away from the center console. The feet of the tower were bouncing up and down off of the floor with the screws loose. The motor is severely too small for his size boat. The lid to his bait live well about fell off due to the screw holes being rotted out and it was hanging on by 1 hinge. You’d figure a guy who does this for a living would do some upkeep and maintainance on his livelihood. The deck of the boat was dirty with pine needles and pine cones where it looked like it had been sitting up in a yard for months. Completely a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! DO NOT BOOK THIS GUY!!!

Chase R.


Captain Sloan is very knowledgeable

Tyson O.


We laughed, caught some dinner(which mangrove snapper is delicious) and chilled!!

Trevor O.


If your looking for big reds, Captain Sloan knows where to find them.

Daniel B.


We had a great 7 am fishing trip. It was my 10 yr old sons 1st time on a boat fishing and he landed the first keeper fish of the day. The water and view was great and the captain knew his stuff. Kept moving us to places where fish were the whole time. Great experience and would high recommend for anyone with or without fishing experience, your definitely in good hands.

Jeff E.


Great day on the water! Captain Sloan made it a special trip! We’ll be back!


Bluefish, Flounder, Jack Crevalle, Redfish


Drift Fishing, Light Tackle Fishing, Live Bait Fishing, Trolling

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20940 U.S. 331, Freeport, FL 32439, United States | Bodies of water fished: Panama City Beach

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