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Captain August is truly addicted to fishing, even to a fault! He's out on the water every day—even when he's not guiding—usually with a flyrod in his hand chasing down the fish. Whether you're an experienced angler or still learning your knots, Captain August will put you where the fish are and help you refine your technique and presentation so that you can land a prizewinner!

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If drowning a shrimp or tossing lures doesn’t excite you nearly as much as the art of fly casting, Captain August has the trip for you down in Homosassa, FL. There is nothing more beautiful in all of the fishing than watching a perfect fly cast land a fly inches from an unsuspecting fish’s nose. Now throw in a perfect cast to a tailing Redfish or a Daisy Chaining Pod of Tarpon and you have an angling experience that will never be forgotten. Homosassa’s legendary maze of islands is home to some of the most sought-after game fish for fly fishermen. Redfish, Speckled Trout, Tarpon, Tripletail, Jack Crevalle, Mackerel, Bonita, and even Grouper are just a few of the species that are targeted while on a fly fishing trip with Shoalwater Adventures and because all of these species call the waters off the Nature Coast home year-round, the possibility of tangling with each of these species can occur on any given day. Captain August welcomes you to bring your own gear if you'd like. But he can provide the whole setup for you as well! So no matter your skill level, all you need to bring with you are you're favorite snacks and drinks, and Captain August will show you what saltwater fly fishing is all about! Read More

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Recent Reviews of Shoalwater Adventures

Gabrielle M.


Fun day, lots of little catches.

Robin B.


Had a great day catching several different kinds of fish. Great experience! Would definitely book with Captain August again.

Tracy J.


If you looking for a great day fishing this is it. Captian August new exactly where to take us to get us in the fish. Fist cast and this baby was caught.. And more to come…he also showed us dolphins feeding and manages to get them to swim up to the boat and then they would lift their heads out of the water and look right at us. They were right maybe a foot from the boat it was an amazing day.

Kevin H.


Our quick 1/2 day trip to the Homosassa mangrove islands was a masterpiece orchestrated by Capt. August! We enjoyed our time on the water and his skiff was perfect for the two of us. Skinny water and big reds! Four hours, four reds (all in the slot), a bonnet head (always fun to catch), a jack to keep my wife’s arms tired, mangrove snappers taking the bait, and fresh salty air. You’ll enjoy your time and have a great chance to catch some fish. You’ve heard it said before - it’s not called catching, it’s called fishing. But with August you’ll have a much better chance at some catching along with the fishing…and if your trip is like the one we had - there will be more catching than fishing. Simply put - he’s a good fisherman and you’ll enjoy the company.


Jack Crevalle, Redfish, Tarpon


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Mason Creek Public Boat Ramp, Homosassa, FL, USA | Bodies of water fished: Crystal River

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