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Bobby Jones owns and lives out at the ranch full time, and runs it with his son Will. Bobby and his team of guides have been ensuring their customers have a good time for many years, and their hospitality is unmatched!

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Bobby and his team offer hog hunting year-round. Texas' wild hog population is 1.5 million which is the largest number by a long shot in the nation. Wild boar hunts can be just as exhilarating as a grizzly bear hunt. Especially when hunters get up close and personal with a big one. The largest on record was whopping 1,051 lbs. All in all, our goal is to put you on as many hogs as possible and have you bring home the bacon! All of our hunts include lodging and meals, but not beverages. Their fully outfitted hog hunts typically consist of 3 days and 2 nights, but can be customized to whatever your needs are. Before you arrive our guides will have already conducted days of scouting on your behalf. They will prep sites that provide hunters with the best chance at harvesting a hog. Typically, or hog hunts are done at night out of stands over feeders with motion lights. Thermal gear is not required whatsoever, but more than welcome. All of our hunts include lodging and meals, but not beverages. Read More

Hog Hunting Trip in Trent

West Texas Hog Hunts With Lodging!

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