World Record Tuna in Canso, Nova Scotia

Guided by Olgac Aycan

Deep Sea

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Captain Bill Captain Bill, a one-of-a-kind fisherman born and raised in Nova Scotia, has been fishing all his life. He holds tuna, shark, lobster, and shrimp licenses. He is deeply invested in protecting the plentiful waters of the North Atlantic, as he fishes almost every day of his life. Like every captain in the WRT Crew, he too is a giant bluefin tuna fanatic, and when he’s not fishing, you can find him managing the best bar in town or riding his legendary motorcycle.

Captain OG Captain OG, a giant bluefin tuna fanatic, is a capable guide with over 25 years of fishing experience under his belt. His passion can be seen through his bachelor’s degree in marine biology as well as his work tagging sandbar sharks and bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.

Each time he goes out chasing bluefins, he’s ready for a world record-sized bluefin tuna. His passion and experience are shown through his dedicated research of tuna migratory patterns, the ocean itself, and experimentation with top fishing equipment that you’ll be using throughout your adventure. Every season, while fishing in Nova Scotia, he reels in bluefin tuna weighing over 1000 pounds and is confident that you will too.

When tuna season is over, you can find him high up in the Rocky Mountains enjoying the wildlife, catching trout, listening to Basement Jaxx and Above & Beyond.

World Record Tuna Trips

If you're looking to reel in a giant Bluefin once in your lifetime, this trip offers a good shot at ticking that off your bucket list! On these trips with Captain OG and Captain Bill, its all about chasing Monster Bluefin Tuna. Climb aboard will Captain Bill and Captain OG on their island-made commercial 40’ fishing boat. Designed and built for chasing down Bluefins, she’s the perfect tool for the North Atlantic’s blue waters. Very spacious with a large deck, up to 4 anglers can move around freely while battling tuna. The engine is an impressive 500 HP MTU, allowing you to reach a maximum cruising speed of 30 knots, quite something for a vessel of her size. Her hull design and comfortable cabin protect you from the elements and make for a smooth and stable ride. You will be provided with high-quality custom-built rods, to give you an edge in reeling them in. This charter can offer you something absolutely unique – a chance at an official IGFA world record. If you want to try for a record bluefin, contact the captain in advance so you can work out the details. You’ll be on your own in hooking, reeling, and battling the fish though! Read More

Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Canso

World-Class Canadian Bluefin

40 ft 1 - 4 People From $625 / person


Bluefin Tuna


Deep Dropping, Jigging, Trolling

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Deep Sea

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World Record Bluefin Tuna Charters, Canso, NS, Canada

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