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Our Damn Good Guides currently offer 1 trip in Nantucket: 3/4 Day or Half-day Trip guided by Hal.

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What types of fishing charters are common in Nantucket?

Nearshore fishing is the most popular in Nantucket.

The most commonly sought after species in Nantucket are: 1. bluefish, 2. bonito, 3. little tunny / false albacore, and 4. striped bass.

The most common fishing technique in Nantucket is fly fishing.

How much do Nantucket fishing charters cost?

in Nantucket prices can range anywhere from $650 to $900, but the average price for a half day in Nantucket is $650. The average price for a full day in Nantucket is $900.

When is the best time to go fishing in Nantucket?

The best time to go fishing can depend on a number of factors. Call us to talk fishing!

Where can I get a Nantucket fishing license and what are the bag limits in Nantucket?

See here for more information on fishing licenses in Nantucket, bag limits for target species, and fishing season regulations in Nantucket. When in doubt, your fishing guide will always know the right rules and regulations in Nantucket.

Fishing in Nantucket

Nantucket is an island with an incredibly rich history of fishing that remains today a hotbed for action in the Northeast. The city still has an incredibly active waterfront, and there are plenty of guided trips to choose from. Around Nantucket is a number of shoals and rips where the seafloor around Nantucket interacts with the current coming in from the Atlantic. This dynamic seafloor provides plenty of structures for fish while also causing countless shipwrecks over the years that add to the fish habitat. The Atlantic brings in nutrients and makes for a naturally healthy fishery.

Nantucket inshore fishing

Inshore action is readily available with plenty of shoreline to explore on the island. In the summer striped bass and bluefish are in full swing while cooler months mainly consist of sizable bonito and false albacore. These four fish are synonymous with the region and are all fun species to battle on light tackle.

Nantucket Bottom Fishing

If you would rather drop bait deep, fluke are around, along with plenty of black seabass which is known to make an excellent dinner option. You'll also likely hook up to several tautog and even porgy which can be surprisingly fun as a sportfish. There are also plenty of other non-target species that you will find when you head out on a charter.

Nantucket Offshore Fishing

Access to amazing offshore fishing is easy starting from an island. Your main targets on offshore charters are tuna and cod, both of which have exceptional food qualities. Swordfish and marlin also call these offshore waters home and can grow to be giant. With no obvious structure here to corral the fish, a guide can come in handy, as they pattern these fish every day for a living. With the water staying cold even in the summer months, big fish bite year-round and make Nantucket the perfect place to land a monster.

Things to Do In Nantucket

With so much history in Nantucket, it’s only right that you check out the museums. The Whaling Museum and the shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum are two of the most popular places to visit to learn about the history of the island. If you want to relax and stare at the ocean then head to any of the pristine dune-backed beaches that Nantucket has to offer. For picturesque sightseeing, check out the old lighthouses on the island that have an amazing history.

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Nantucket Tides and Weather

View Nantucket tide times and charts here, and weather forecasts here.

How are fishing conditions in Nantucket?

Nantucket Fishing Reports from Our Damn Good Guides. See more reports for Nantucket.

    August fishing report for Nantucket Island. For the light tackle anglers, the Atlantic Bonito showed up earlier in the month. Big Bluefish have been a constant with warmer water temps and more bait (sand eels). Stripers are being caught in the colder water areas off the East end of Nantucket. Offshore boats are having a banner season catching Giant Tuna.

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