Biloxi, Mississippi Fishing Overview

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Everything You Need to Know About Biloxi, Mississippi Fishing

How is the fishing in Biloxi?

The warm Gulf of Mexico waters off the coast of Biloxi will offer you just about everything you could ask for, from inshore trips to nearshore bottom fishing and deep-sea action. Biloxi may be known for its casinos, but stay for the fishing: your money won't be wasted here.

Biloxi Inshore Fishing

Inshore you will hit all of the inshore grand slam: redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. Light tackle anglers will have plenty of fun hanging in Mullet lake or Biloxi Bay, or even heading to some of the barrier islands a little ways from shore.

Biloxi Red Snapper Trips

To head a little further, Biloxi is a haven for local reefs. The area is known for its red snapper trips, and you'll want to take a full-day trip to catch your limit of these guys. Make sure you head out during red snapper season though.

Biloxi Tuna Trips

Heading offshore, you'll want to head out to some of the many oil rigs that dot this part of the gulf. Any rig is a haven for fish of all kinds, but the further out you head the better your odds or catching a monster. Make it out to the "floaters" (oil rigs that are attached to the bottom, but float since it is so deep) and you'll have an awesome shot at some quality yellowfin tuna.

Added bonus: the Chandeleur Islands

Biloxi is also your best jumping off point to get to the incredible Chandeleur Islands, where you can expect world-class sea trout and redfish fishing.

Biloxi Tides and Weather

View Biloxi tide times and charts here and Biloxi weather forecasts here.

Places to Stay in Biloxi, Mississippi