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We had a wonderful time! Few of us got sick, but that was beyond anyones control. Captain Kyle and Isiaha we’re very accommodating and made the trip great for everyone.

James P. with Kyle L. of Destin, Florida

We had an unbelievable time with Captain James and I can't wait to fish with him again. Was in the area for a wedding and was looking to head offshore so we booked with James. He kept in touch leading up to our trip and let us know the kings were running. We headed out through the St. Mary's jetties and set up on the troll after catching some baitfish on the buoys. There were a couple other boats out and no one seemed to get a bite, the kings just weren't biting. From there, Capt. James took us to one of his snapper spots and we reeled em in on every drop. Everyone caught fish and James was super patient helping one buddy who was offshore for the first time. James was a blast to fish with and was super knowledgeable about the area and its history. His center console split the chop like butter. Will be back! - Jonathan with Captain Experiences

Jonathan N. with James W. of St. Marys, Georgia

Greatest time ever. I met captain Alex’s mom and Grandmother. I’m coming back and bringing others with me to share experience.

Vincent G. with Alex H. of Destin, Florida

These guys are awesome! You wont find a more professional operation in Tulum. They picked us up from our hotel, made sure we were prepped with sunscreen and everything else we needed to get out there, and had water, soda, and beer on board in pre-stocked coolers for us. Each boat had a captain and a mate who worked hard together to put us on the fish, and between the 3 boats our group took out we caught a bunch of mahi and the biggest barracuda Ive ever seen. -Attison from Captain Experiences

Attison B. with Carlos S. of Tulum, Quintana Roo

Amazing trip! I was lucky enough to book an extra day. Captain Juan Carlos is really experienced and knowledgeable and is focused on catching fish. Highly recommend and will be back!🎣🎣🎣

Daniel S. with Juan Carlos T. of Carolina, Carolina

We had a great time fishing. John was great knowledgeable and did everything he could to make the fishing trip successful for us. We would reccomend Captain Experience to anybody. We will definitely be booking it again when we go back to Key West.

Eve T. with Mark B. of Key West, Florida

Had a good time only thing wrong with the trip was the wind. had to hide in the mangroves but caught some fish

Danny S. with John J. of Key West, Florida

Ben, what a guy/guide! Our family had a great time out fishing with him. Very knowledgeable and friendly! 10/10 would recommend booking with him during your vacation in The Keys!

Philip H. with Ben T. of Tavernier, Florida

We had a wonderful morning on the water with Justin. He was so friendly and welcoming and shared a ton of info about the area and fishing. I would highly recommend his charters!

Amy H. with Justin F. of Key West, Florida

We had 2 boats. Ben was captain on one. Our captain was Zack. He was the BEST!! So friendly, we had a blast! I would recommend him to everyone! Donna

James B. with Ben T. of Tavernier, Florida

Everything You Need to Know About Barracuda Fishing

What is a Barracuda?

The barracuda is one of the more recognizable fish out there and one of those fish that immediately brings a sparkle to a kid’s eye. They are known as one of the gnarliest most fearsome looking predator fish out there and their general attitude and demeanor only serve to reinforce these opinions.

A barracuda is a predatory, saltwater fish with ray fins, a pointed snout, and huge fangs usually sticking out of their underbite. While their long, tubular body can sometimes be confused with a mackerel or wahoo, a barracuda has much larger teeth, a different tail, ray fins (fins that are webbed held together by bony spikes), and if you look closely much larger scales. Barracuda are also known to exude a unique slime from their bodies that supposedly helps them glide through the water, but in reality just mucks up your boat.

There are a number of species of barracuda but the two main types of barracuda you will find in the US depend on where you’re fishing. The Pacific barracuda is the smaller of the two and as the name suggests will be caught frequently in Southern California or Baja. The great barracuda is the larger, meaner cousin of the two and is found on the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, and is a big ambush hunter. These Atlantic barracuda can actually be dangerous sometimes, as they will mistake any movement or shiny objects for prey and lunge at them teeth-first at 35 mph.

How big do Barracuda get?

Different barracuda species can vary greatly in size, but they have the potential to become quite large. The great barracuda can range up to 65 inches long and up to 100 pounds in extreme cases. Pacific barracuda meanwhile grow to a more reasonable 3 feet and 10 pounds. Males and females are generally around the same size and not easily distinguishable. Great barracuda can live up to 14 years in the wild, and because of their size and speed do not have many predators.

What's the biggest Barracuda ever caught?

The largest barracuda caught on record is a massive 102 pound and 4 ounce fish caught in Barra du Kwanza in Angola by Thomas Gibson.

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