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Fishing report from Riley H. in Austin, Texas Book a trip with Riley here.

    Fishing conditions have gotten tough to say the least! But if you are patient and focused... some big ones can be caught. Water levels are looking pretty good at the moment in the rivers in my area. Tons of hydrilla built up in the middle of the streams causing fish to move in and out of freely as they please... so patience in these areas are needed. But, due to this the fish are extremely spooky once they come out of these weeds. Water clarity is second to none at the moment though, and it has been interesting to see the river bottoms in those deeper pools. You definitely want to move about the banks and rivers like "Yoda"... and hover if you can haha. But, by being sneaky, quiet, and precise with your casting can be a massive game changer that calls for post fishing reward beers!
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