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Captain Sammy, a true Gulf Coast fishing veteran, calls the pristine waters of Dauphin Island, Alabama, his home and playground. With an unwavering passion for angling and a profound understanding of the local ecosystems, he crafts unique fishing experiences like no other. Whether you're in pursuit of elusive trophy fish in the Gulf's deep waters or seeking the thrill of coastal species in the bay, Captain Sammy's deep-rooted connection to Dauphin Island ensures that every fishing excursion is an authentic and unforgettable adventure along Alabama's breathtaking Gulf Coast.

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Experience the epitome of relaxation and angling excellence with Captain Sammy's Laid Back Trolling and Bottom Fishing trips in Dauphin Island. Step aboard our meticulously crafted 36-ft Contender vessel, designed to offer a seamless blend of comfort and performance. With room for up to 6 adventurers, each trip ensures an intimate and personalized fishing experience. Captain Sammy, a seasoned expert of Dauphin Island's waters, invites you to explore the vibrant underwater world teeming with Snapper, Beeliner, Sheepshead, and the thrilling King and Spanish Mackerel. Cast your lines into the depths and anticipate the thrill of the catch against the backdrop of Dauphin Island's breathtaking scenery. The allure of our expeditions lies not only in the variety of species but in the efficiency of the experience. The 36-ft Contender's impressive capabilities allow us to maximize our short trip duration by cruising at speeds of 40 plus knots. This means more time engaged in the art of fishing and less time in transit. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice explorer, Captain Sammy tailors each trip to cater to all skill levels. Learn the nuances of trolling and bottom fishing techniques under the guidance of a true professional, enhancing your understanding of the craft. As the sun paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, you'll find yourself in the heart of a serene fishing haven. Build connections, savor the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Secure your spot today and embark on an unparalleled fishing journey with Captain Sammy. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Dauphin Island's waters while experiencing the thrill of reeling in prized catches. Join us for a laid-back yet exhilarating adventure that blends comfort, speed, and angling mastery. Read More

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Laid Back Trolling And Bottom Fishing

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36 ft 1 - 6 People From $167 / person

Recent Reviews of Show'n Tail Charters

Lanier P


AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! We had a great experience today! Guides where extremely professional, great with my 3 teenagers, very patient with my daughters. I would highly recommend this fishing charter. As business owners ourselves we where highly impressed! We will be back next year!

Mark R


We had a great time with Captain Sammy and crew. We left early in the morning and he put us right on the fish. We caught our limit of snapper in about 30 minutes. If we did t get immediate activity on the bite, he would say, “we’re moving.” After three spots we had a limit! My boys had a great time. Highly recommend Captain Sammy.

Brannon B


We had a wonderfull time with Captain Sammy and crew! Every spot producd fish and he made moves to try and find us the big one! I highly recommend this Charter!

Bobby H


Awesome Captain Sammy and crew put us a private reef and only took about 30 minutes to limit out for 6 people!

Ryan H


Had a great time on the Gulf with Captain Sammy put us right on the fish multiple times, we caught plenty of snapper and Spanish mackerel. Jackson the deckhand was super efficient and helped out greatly with the kids on board. The second hook in the water was a tiger shark!! Captain Sammy asked if we wanted to fight it and we did so he whipped out all the necessary gear for us to hold on to the the shark for almost 2 hours. Five grown men and 5 boys were smiling ear to ear the whole time. Moms aren’t happy with the lack of photos (perhaps they should tag along next time), but the kids have a story they can tell for a lifetime! Highly recommend Sammy and his crew! And as a bonus, he’s a pretty good DJ for the ride back in!


Kingfish, Red Snapper, Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel, Vermillion Snapper


Artificial Lure Fishing, Bottom Fishing, Cut Bait Fishing, Heavy Tackle Fishing, Jigging, Light Tackle Fishing, Live Bait Fishing, Trolling

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Pelican Pub, De Soto Avenue, Dauphin Island, AL, USA

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