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Carp, Smallmouth Buffalo

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Get ready for one of the greatest thrills in all of Freshwater Fly Fishing, Behemoth Carp on the fly! And it isn't widely known as the pinnacle of Freshwater Flying fishing for no reason, hooking into these freshwater monsters is no easy feat. Catching a carp on the fly is ridiculously hard at first, which is why the guys at Austin Carp Anglers love them, and they would love it even more if they could help you get on one yourself!

When you go out with one of the ACA guides to chase these feisty specimens you can expect to spend your day wading around lakes and river systems stalking your quarry stealthy and precisely. These fish are very aware of their surroundings, and you get no second chances. It’s either a perfect cast and presentation or the fish spooks, and often, the latter. When they do eat, however, you’re can bet your bottom dollar they're going to take you out to the backing!

In the Fall and Winter months, you can also target smallmouth buffalo on the fly, which grow even larger than carp, and are actually indigenous to Texas waters. Teaching trips are also welcomed for folks that have never held a fly rod. If this trip is more in line with your skill level, you can expect it to be more centered around the fundamentals, rather than finding and catching a fish, but it won't be too long before your out to the backing on a giant carp as well!

About Your Guide

Austin Carp Anglers’ mission is simple – promote the great sport of carp fishing. Not only do they wish to share the joy that carp fishing has brought to all of their lives, but also wish to raise public awareness about what a great sport fish carp and smallmouth buffalo can be. In doing this, they also want to help pave the way to establishing carp and smallmouth buffalo as a game fish, and help protect the fish that they love so dearly.



All rods, reels, and tackle are included.


Feel free to enjoy responsibly, but please no glass.


You will get a refund if the trip is canceled due to weather.

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No cleaning service provided.

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No, this boat does not have a bathroom on board.


No meal provided.

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Texas Fishing License

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