October 3, 2022

Red Drum in Florida

Redfish or red drum can be found in the inshore waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico where they have become one of the most popular game fish. These beautiful fish generally have gold to red streamlined bodies with a distinct black spot on their tail but multiple spots are also not uncommon.

Florida Red Drum Season 2023

There is no closed season for redfish in Florida which makes them legal to catch year-round. While redfish are abundant throughout the year, the best time to catch them is in the fall.

October 3, 2022

A Snapshot of Lake Michigan

The only Great Lake located entirely in the US is Lake Michigan, which ranks third-largest by surface area and second-largest by total volume. The shores of Lake Michigan are home to approximately 12 million people, with cities such as Green Bay, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Gary being some of the largest. At its deepest point, Lake Michigan is 925 feet deep, contributing to the relatively cool water temperatures that typically peak in the mid to upper 60s.

October 2, 2022

Lake Trout are easily identifiable by their silvery or light gold belly which fades to tan on the sides and dark grey or olive on their back. Lake trout are also characterized by the distinct pale gold spots that cover their body. Another unique feature of the lake trout is their orange and brown fins which have a white or cream-colored leading edge.

The Great Lakes are home to some of the best lake trout fishing thanks to their exceptionally deep clean waters. Lake trout in the summer and fall months tend to live in 60 to 200 feet of water. They constantly chase cool water temperatures and schools of baitfish which are the two primary factors to consider when targeting these fish.

October 1, 2022

On a trip up to Wisconsin for one of my best friend’s wedding I had the opportunity to hit Lake Michigan with Shane our resident Kenoshan guide to see what trolling on salmon and trout was all about. Believe it or not it was my first time out on Lake Michigan when it wasn’t covered in ice, and if there’s one thing I learned, it’s definitely not bass fishing on Grandpa’s pond. I’ll tell you that for free.

September 29, 2022

Gulf of Mexico Redfish Season 2023

Red drum doesn’t have an open season in the federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the harvest of redfish is strictly prohibited. In state waters, redfish have no closed season and can be harvested year-round within the bag limits set by each state. The best time of year to catch redfish in the gulf is generally late summer into the fall but will vary depending on your specific location.

September 28, 2022

Atlantic Mahi Mahi Season 2023

Mahi mahi doesn’t have a closed season in the Atlantic but the best time to catch them is from April to September in northern locations, and April to October in the southern locations.

Atlantic Mahi Mahi Management

Mahi mahi populations are not monitored but healthy catch rates indicate they have a sustainable population and are not subject to overfishing. Mahi Mahi have few harvest restrictions that have been put in place by individual states. Mahi mahi are also managed under the “Fishery Management Plan for the Dolphin and Wahoo Fishery of the Atlantic” but only preventative regulations are in place for this species.

September 26, 2022

Atlantic Amberjack Season 2023

Greater amberjack in Atlantic federal waters currently have no closed season for recreational harvest. Recreational amberjack harvest is set according to an annual catch quota. If the quota is met, the season will close.

Atlantic Amberjack Management

The greater amberjack population in the south Atlantic is currently higher than the management target and is not being overfished. Even with a high population harvest restrictions are still in place. Atlantic amberjack must be at least 28” in length to be legally harvested with a daily bag limit of 1 fish per person.

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