freeport fishing charter
The Big Ol Mess: #1 Fishing Report for Galveston, South Padre Island & More!
February 25, 2021

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Freeport Fishing Reports

Picture from Captain Mike Segall's Freeport, Texas fishing trip.

2) Galveston Fishing Reports

Picture from Captain Harry Arthur's Galveston, Texas fishing trip.

Pictures from Captain LG Boyd's Galveston, Texas fishing trips.

"This week inshore we have had awesome fishing! Light winds, jetty-channel area live shrimp.... 4 person limit of sheepshead, a few reds and 30 more throwbacks after limits kept!"-Captain Mike

Sea Lion in Cabo San Lucas
Catching Kings and Being Kings (and Queens) in Cabo San Lucas
February 23, 2021

The freezer full, our forearms sore, and a few beers in, we slowly headed back to shore. I dozed off when a shriek brought me back. The girls, laughing, and pointing with phones, had a made a new friend. An enormous Sea Lion had boarded the swim plan on the back of the boat and was very politely eyeing the leftover bait fish we had on board. I nervously slid closer to toss him a fish which he caught in the air, not unlike a good Labrador Retriever, and slid back into the deep blue waters.

winter storm uri
Help Bring Texas Fisheries Back: The Lasting Effects of Winter Storm Uri on the Texas Coast
February 23, 2021

The Makings of Winter Storm Uri

On Saturday February 13th, 2021, a low-pressure storm system developed off the coast of the Pacific Northwest and moved onshore over the Rocky Mountains. The storm immediately caught the attention of The Weather Channel, earning the name “Winter Storm Uri”.

By Sunday, February 14th, Valentine's Day, Uri had already made it to Texas' doorstep- over 170 million Americans (over half the U.S. population) were placed under weather alerts across the country, and Texans braced for impact.

redfish head
How to Catch a Redfish: The Many Ways to Catch a Red Drum in Texas
February 18, 2021

Where to Fish for Redfish

Fishing for Redfish Inshore

Inshore fishing is what people typically think of when they think red fishing in Texas. Picture huge flats with some grasses on the bottom and potholes where the redfish will hang out, large mangrove islands where the redfish might catch the current just right to hang out on one end of the island and wait for food, or marshy areas where the redfish might relax around openings in the marsh to catch a snack on the way in or out. Knowing the tide can be critical to flats fishing, and making sure you have a boat with a shallow enough draft is necessary. You can throw out a drift sock and cast off the boat, or (Attison’s favorite) hop out of the boat and stalk your prey on foot.

captain bryan
Captain's Log Vol. 15: Texas World Tour
February 13, 2021

Texas World Tour:

As you'll see above, we had a blast fishing with our guides and will be sharing more on the trips on our blog over the coming weeks. From largemouth bass in Mexico to year-round red snapper out of South Padre to hefty speckled trout in Baffin Bay, we're excited to share what we learned and lived.

A red boat in a lake with a rocky background