Everything You Need to Know About Lake Charles, LA Fishing

Lake Charles, Louisiana Overview

Lake Charles, Louisiana is called “The City of Lakes” because it has enough nearby bodies of water that most anglers could spend a lifetime fishing there and never get to all of the spots. The lake that the city gets its name from is also named Lake Charles and is filled with freshwater from the Calcasieu River. Saltwater flows in from the Gulf of Mexico flows making the lake brackish and creating an ideal environment for popular coastal sportfish to thrive.

Fishing Lake Charles

Anglers will find familiar inshore species in the rich brackish waters of Lake Charles. With the mixed water in the lake, there is a mix of both fresh and saltwater species that live here. The most popular saltwater species include redfish, black drum, speckled trout, flounder, sheepshead and even cobia occasionally venture into the lake. For freshwater species, the usual suspects including bass, catfish, and sunfish also live here but don't grow as large as they do in freshwater lakes.

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