Everything You Need to Know About Lake Livingston, Texas Fishing

Lake Livingston Overview

Lake Livingston was born when a dam was built on the Trinity River in 1969. With a surface area of 90,000 acres, this is a substantial lake with plenty of fishing opportunities. There is a ton of water to cover, but PVC fish attractors have been placed throughout the reservoir to make it easier for anglers to locate fish. Lake Livingston has the usual lake species including bass, catfish, and sunfish but with a massive gar and carp population bowfishing has become popular.

Lake Livingston Bass Fishing

Lake Livingston is known as a white bass fishery because of its large population. The bass can be caught on a variety of lures. During cooler months they can be found in schools suspended in the water column, but in warmer months they will hunt bait on the surface. Largemouth bass are also a popular gamefish on Lake Livingston and anglers can catch them on a variety of live and artificial lures. Lake Livingston largemouth can grow huge with a lake record of 13+ pounds.

Lake Livingston Catfish Fishing

One of the most abundant species in the lake, blue and channel catfish thrive here. Catfish are known for being bottom feeders but also as great table fare. The best way to target catfish is with any dead, cut, or stink bait fished near or on the bottom. Lake Livingston is dominated by blue catfish known for growing exceptionally large and hitting weights of up to 71 pounds. Fishing for catfish is generally a laid-back affair consisting of putting out baited lines, then waiting for a bite which makes for a very enjoyable day on the water.

Lake Livingston Bowfishing

With a healthy population of giant gar and carp, bowfishing has become a popular way for thrill-seeking anglers to target these species. Alligator gar look like monsters and they can grow huge making them a sought-after trophy. The Lake Livingston bowfishing record for alligator gar stands at a whopping 207 pounds and 8 feet long. Bowfishing is usually done in shallow water at night with lights used to illuminate the water. If you are looking for a unique trip with big fish, bowfishing Lake Livingston is the perfect trip for you.

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Lake Livingston Weather

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