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If you have gone on a morning fishing trip you know breakfast is different in the early hours of the day. Picking the right breakfast can be hard when you are short on time, tired, and in a rush to make it to the boat in time. To make sure you are fueled up and ready for every bite, we break down the best breakfast options for your next trip.

Breakfast bars

Breakfast Sandwiches

With a great balance of protein and carbs, these are great at keeping you fueled and full. They have the benefit of being easy to carry and quick to prepare, making breakfast sandwiches a top pick for an early morning meal. Similarly, breakfast tacos or burritos have all of the same great attributes and it’s generally pretty easy to find a small taco shop near the water making them fresh every morning. While sandwiches and tacos are generally great for settling your stomach, they have the potential to upset your stomach if they are too spicy, cheesy, or have a lot of onions and peppers. If the seas are rough it is definitely good to keep in mind.

Muffins, Biscuits, Bagels

These three delicious and popular breakfast items are great for filling you up and keeping you warm. Where they come up short is they don’t keep you fueled up as long as something with protein like eggs, bacon, or sausage. The short-term energy is usually followed by a slump which isn’t good for making casts or fighting a fish. The upside is muffins, biscuits, and bagels travel well and can even be utilized as snacks. Another plus is if the water gets choppy, bready food is a great way to settle your stomach and keep you from getting nauseous.

Full Sit-down Breakfast.

A full breakfast consisting of eggs, meat, bread, and fruit is hard to beat and if fuel is the name of the game, it doesn’t get better than this. Unfortunately, it's not always possible because it requires you to wake up even earlier. A spread of breakfast food is also not likely to make the trip well travel to or on the boat. If you have time to make a full breakfast and sit down to eat before your trip it's definitely the best option.

No Breakfast

Skipping breakfast or fasting before a fishing trip is a risky move. If it’s normal for you to go without breakfast then you might be fine. You also may not, because exerting yourself on a boat, in the sun, and rocking with the waves can take a lot out of you and leave you feeling exhausted or sick. If you are going to head out without eating it’s a good idea to bring snacks along just in case you start to go downhill.

What’s the Best Breakfast?

The best breakfast for a fishing trip is different for everyone. While some anglers need to eat light to settle their stomach to handle tossing and turning in the waves, others can skip breakfast altogether. We hope this breakdown on breakfast food helps you in making the right choice for your next trip so you can stay with the actions from start to finish.