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Everything to Know About Booking a fishing charter in Montauk

What are the best fishing charters in Montauk?

Our Damn Good Guides currently offer 21 trips in Montauk, and the most popular trips in the area are Stripers, Sea Bass & More guided by Christopher, Montauk Striper Adventure - 35' T Jason guided by Tom, and Half Day Montauk Charter guided by Kenny.

All guides on Captain Experiences are licensed, insured, and vetted by our team. You can access their reviews, click through trip photos, read bios to get to know them, and preview trip details like species, techniques, group sizes, boat specs and more.

Other popular cities nearby for booking a charter include Pulaski, Lewiston and Oswego.

What types of fishing charters are common in Montauk?

Inshore fishing is the most popular in Montauk as well as offshore fishing and nearshore fishing.

The most commonly sought after species in Montauk are: 1. bluefish, 2. striped bass, 3. black seabass, 4. yellowfin tuna, and 5. bluefin tuna.

The most common fishing techniques in Montauk are bottom fishing, trolling, and heavy tackle fishing but light tackle fishing and drift fishing are popular as well.

How much do Montauk fishing charters cost?

in Montauk prices can range anywhere from $500 to $3,000 and up, but the average price for a half day in Montauk is $645. The average price for a full day in Montauk is $2,543.

When is the best time to go fishing in Montauk?

The most popular season for fishing in Montauk is fall, and most anglers book their trips 37 days in advance.

Where can I get a Montauk fishing license and what are the bag limits in Montauk?

See here for more information on fishing licenses in Montauk, bag limits for target species, and fishing season regulations in Montauk. When in doubt, your fishing guide will always know the right rules and regulations in Montauk.

Montauk Fishing Overview

Engraved into the welcome sign for Montauk Harbor reads: “The Fishing Capital of the World.” Montauk is one of the few spots that can claim to have the best fishing in the world with more than 25 world record fish pulled from these waters so far. Located at the end of Long Island creates angling opportunities in all directions with the Long Island Sound to the west and the Atlantic to the east. If you want to experience a world class fishery with the perfect view of exceptional scenery, then Montauk is what you’re looking for.

Montauk Inshore Fishing

The inshore fishing around Montauk can vary greatly depending on the environment and species you’re targeting. The tides and currents here fluctuate more than most people would expect because the water has to rush around Montauk to reach the Long Island Sound. The inshore waters are also full of structures including ledges, hills, points, and inlets where fish can take cover.

These rich waters make it possible for a number of different species to thrive that’s almost impossible to find anywhere else. Some of the most popular fish caught in the inshore and nearshore waters include striped bass, bluefish, cod, porgies, sea Bass, flounder (fluke), Spanish mackerel, sheepshead, vermillion snapper, and red snapper.

During the summer months when water temperatures are warm the nighttime striper bite turns on. At the same time fluke, and bluefish are firing on all cylinders throughout the day. When fall hits, every angler is buzzing with anticipation of the striper bite. As the water temps begin to drop schools of striper start ruthlessly chasing bait balls making it one of the best times to hit the water.

Bottom fishing using live bait, jigs, and cut bait are the best forms of fishing in Montauk because they allow you to catch almost all of the species that live here. The best baits for bottom fishing are squid, clams, crabs, eels, and various baitfish. Artificial lures are also very effective with jigs being a top choice for fish suspended on structure or If you love fly fishing then striper and false albacore will be challenging but rewarding targets in shallow water.

Montauk Offshore Fishing

Being on the point of Long Island gives anglers heading offshore a 20 miles head start compared to the mainland. That means some of the most productive deep sea hotspots are only a short boat ride away.

While trolling is the most common approach for targeting tuna, in Montauk drifting is the go to technique. With yellowfin, albacore, bigeye, and prized bluefin tuna all patrolling these waters, an incredible fight and delicious meal are always one bite away.

The abundant life in these offshore waters doesn’t just attract huge trophy fish, it also brings in several species of sharks. In 1964 Frank Mundus harpooned a 4,500 pound great white shark while offshore fishing out of Montauk Frank and the shark became the inspiration for the book Jaws which later became the iconic movie we all love.

Shark fishing has always been popular in Montauk with charters heading out every day to target mako, blue, thresher, and many other shark species. Targeting sharks requires heavy tackle, wire leaders, and exceptionally strong hooks to keep one of these toothy beasts on the line. Fighting a shark back to the boat is brutal because they often have size and strength on their side. If you want to take a shark fishing trip it doesn’t get better than the productive waters off the coast of Montauk that inspired Jaws.

If you only want to catch the biggest and most elusive sportfish, then you have to head out to the canyons. Massive bluefin tuna, sharks, and blue marlin hunt in the open water 50 miles from Montauk where the seafloor drops into an underwater canyon. This deep structure creates unique currents that hold bait making it the ideal spot to find the fish of a lifetime.

Other Things to Do in Montauk

Montauk has some of the best fishing in the world and the activities and amenities off the water are also top notch. White sand beaches are scattered throughout the area and during warmer months they provide the perfect place to unwind. As you would expect from a fishing town, the seafood and dining options are incredible. With an assortment of unique bars and exceptional hotels, you can find something for everyone on a trip to Montauk.

How are fishing conditions in Montauk?

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