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Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Key Biscayne

Miami Mixed Bag Trip

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30 ft 1 - 5 People From $200 / person

Flats, Inshore Fishing Charter in Key Biscayne

Half Day Inshore - 22' Epic

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22 ft 1 - 4 People From $175 / person

Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Key Biscayne

Full Day Hardcore Offshore Trip

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41 ft 1 - 5 People From $360 / person

Flats, Inshore, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Key Biscayne

Epic Inshore Action

24 ft 1 - 4 People From $125 / person

Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Key Biscayne

Kite Fishing Miami

1 - 6 People From $208 / person

Nearshore Fishing Charter in Key Biscayne

Miami Nearshore Hardcore Trip

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41 ft 1 - 5 People From $240 / person

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“Our Damn Good Guides go above and beyond to provide you an incredible trip, and we’ve handpicked every single one. We’re passionate about the outdoors and about empowering people to find the perfect-match guide for the trip of a lifetime, every time.”

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Light Tackle Fishing Charters Near Key Biscayne, Fl

Experience the thrill of deep-sea fishing on an unforgettable reef fishing trip in Miami, FL! On board Captain Daniel's 25' Contender center console, you'll be in a perfect place to hook up a variety of reef species, especially Snappers, Groupers, Barracuda, Amberjack, and more! To attract bites, you'll be fishing a bunch of different lures and bait, jigging, and bottomfishing where the big lunkers like to hang out. Captain Daniel's has tons of tips and tricks to help you hook a monster, and there's no better opportunity for a personal best than this trip! You’ll be fishing aboard Captain Daniel's 25' Contender, which is equipped with a 300-HP Suzuki outboard for a smooth, fast ride. She's also fully kitted out with a GPS, Fishfinder, Live Bait Well, Wireless Trolling Motor, and an Ice Box for your catches! Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to try your hand at deep-sea fishing, Captain Daniel's reef fishing trip in Miami is the perfect way to create lasting memories with friends and family. Captain Daniel will provide all rods, reels, tackle, and lures. Don’t forget to bring food and drinks for the day, sunscreen, a hat, and a cooler with ice to take home your day’s catch. So, what are you waiting for? Book your adventure today and get ready for an unforgettable day on the water. Read More

Nearshore Fishing Charter in Coral Gables

Reef Fishing Trip

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25 ft 1 - 3 People From $233 / person

Join us for a fishing escapade like no other in the mesmerizing Florida Everglades, where the waters come alive with the thrilling hunt for Bass and Peacock Bass. With a vast range of fishing opportunities, from the serene Flats to the exciting inshore and nearshore areas, your angling dreams are about to become a reality. Discover the Ultimate Fishing Challenge Get ready to test your skills and expertise in artificial lure fishing with light tackle, as our seasoned and passionate fishing guide, Captain Brett, leads the way. His years of experience navigating these waterways and understanding the behavior of these prized fish will make this journey truly unforgettable. Bass and Peacock Bass Extravaganza Prepare to be captivated by the stunning beauty and sheer power of the Bass and Peacock Bass species that roam these waters. From their breathtaking colors to their tenacious fighting spirit, you'll be left in awe as you reel in the catch of a lifetime. Unravel the Everglades' Natural Wonders Beyond the thrill of fishing, you'll be immersed in the unique ecosystem of the Florida Everglades. Marvel at the diverse wildlife, from graceful herons gliding through the sky to curious alligators lurking in the marshes. It's a journey through nature's finest work. Perfect for All Experience Levels Whether you're an avid angler seeking a new challenge or a first-time fisher eager to try something extraordinary, our fishing trip is designed to cater to all experience levels. Our friendly crew will ensure you have the time of your life while staying safe and comfortable. Book Your Adventure Today! Spaces are limited, and this adventure is in high demand. Don't miss your chance to embark on a fishing trip that will leave you with cherished memories and a newfound appreciation for the Florida Everglades. Book now and get ready to create lasting bonds with fellow anglers and nature enthusiasts, as you savor the thrill of reeling in Bass and Peacock Bass under the guidance of the remarkable Captain Brett. Read More

Flats, Inshore, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Plantation

Everglades Bass And Peacock Bass

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22 ft 1 - 4 People From $100 / person

South Florida Inshore Charters is located in sunny South Florida and is run by Captain David. They welcome people of all ages from the novice angler to a seasoned old salt.  So Come Join Captain David on his loaded 2012 Pathfinder with a 150 Yamaha, Power Pole, and Motor Guide Auto-Pilot trolling motor with a 30 and 35 gallon live well to keep those mullet, shrimp, pilchards, herring, pinfish and ballyhoo frisky all day long. The boat is as versatile an inshore vessel as you can find with a draft of 12inches but yet big enough to fish the reef comfortably with the seas 2ft or less. For these Tarpon trips you will do a mix of sight fishing and drift fishing for these Silver Kings. Explore the Flats, Bays and Surf for rolling fish, or bust it to the channels to wait for them to swim by. Both are awesome techniques and result in big fish! On the day of the charter be sure to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, food and drinks Read More

Flats, Inshore Fishing Charter in Miami Beach

Tarpon Trip - 22' Pathfinder

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22 ft 1 - 3 People From $233 / person
Damn Good

If you really want to see what the waters off of Fort Lauderdale have to offer, this trip is your ticket. On this trip, you'll fish the reefs and wrecks, dropping tackle down and aiming to hook some massive reef fish like Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Black Grouper, and Gag Grouper. Last, but certainly not least, you'll drop even deeper, looking for bottomfish. Every one of these zones features hard-fighting and delicious eating fish, so there's no better combination to fill your cooler with table fare and your camera with memorable pictures. You'll be doing it all from the deck of Captain Michael's 31' Jupiter center console—a perfect vessel for these waters. She sports twin 300-HP Yamaha engines to get you out there in a hurry, plus all the best Garmin electronics, including an autopilot system, GPS, fishfinder, and more. Captain Michael will provide everything you need for a great day, including rods, reels, bait, and tackle. All you need to remember is proper clothing, sunscreen, a pair of polarized sunglasses to help see the fish, and a cooler with your snacks and drinks. Read More

Nearshore Fishing Charter in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Nearshore

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31 ft 1 - 6 People From $200 / person

Sea Cross Luxury Fishing Charters   We are the obvious choice when it comes to Luxury and VIP cruising and deep-sea fishing professional and courteous crews with a captain, cockpit manager, and stewardes to provide you with a maximum service Luxury experience 
We have one of cleanest and biggest cruising and SportFishing yachts in the industry!

Sea Cross is a 55 custom Hatterras Cruising and Fishing Yacht which is perfectly located in Sunny Isles and only minutes away million-dollar homes,downtown Miami and key Biscayne. we are only 10 minutes away from the warm waters of the Gulf Stream where some of the best deep-sea fishing is done. 
We are always at your service and ready to take you on a Yacht charter trip of a lifetime! We are one of the most experienced and successful tour cruising and fishing charter services that operate in South Florida for more than 35 years!!!

The Owner and operator of this magnificent luxury Sport Fish is Captain Rafael Mayans. 
When you come aboard Luxury screams at you, she is a beautiful high-class sportfishing fishing machine. 

You will experience a professionally maintained and beautiful fishing machine with ample room for you and your guest or clients to enjoy a top-notch cruise or fishing experience. 
We have top-of-the-line and tournament grade tackle All custom-made Biscayne Rods 
and more!

She has a 20 foot beam so they'll be plenty of room and if you want to get out of the sun we have a AC with a spacious salon and plush interior and custom counters full bar, Starlink high speed Internet, 55”Samsung , beautiful mahogany sectional, screen, full electronics safety gear and more!

Outside we have a huge flybridge with plenty of room for everyone onboard
She has been totally been built for luxury with all the amenities. Read More

Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Miami

Luxury Off Shore Deep Sea Fishing

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55 ft 1 - 6 People From $417 / person
Damn Good

Calling all thrill-seekers and fishing enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on an epic offshore fishing adventure out of Hollywood, Florida? Look no further than Captain David and his 48' Stapleton sportfisher! On this trip, you'll be reeling in some of America's most exciting and sought-after offshore species, including Sailfish, Barracuda, Mahi Mahi, Groupers, and Snappers. Captain David is an extremely experienced captain who knows these waters like the back of his hand, and he'll take you to all the best spots to make the catch of a lifetime. But it's not just about the fishing! On board his luxurious 48' Stapleton sportfisher, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the comfortable experience. With a spacious deck and all the latest fishing technology, you'll be equipped to catch even the most elusive fish. Captain David has kitted her out with a fighting chair, Tuna Tubes for your live bait, outriggers, live wells, and more-all to enhance your experience and give you the best shot at massive success! Captain David is passionate about fishing and loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge and expertise with his clients. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, he'll provide expert guidance and support to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience on the water. Gather your friends or family and book your offshore fishing trip with Captain David today! Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Hollywood

World Famous Sportfishing - Large Group (7 To 17)

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48 ft 1 - 17 People From $106 / person

Prepare for an adventure like no other as you embark on a shark fishing trip guided by the experienced Captain Tom in Pompano Beach. This journey promises a memorable encounter with the ocean's most formidable predators. Under Captain Tom's expert leadership, you'll engage in an adrenaline-pumping shark fishing extravaganza. His extensive knowledge of Pompano Beach's waters ensures you'll be in the right spots at the right times, optimizing your chances of a successful catch. Rest assured, you'll be equipped with state-of-the-art fishing gear and tackle, ensuring that you're well-prepared for the challenge that awaits. As you cast your line, take in the breathtaking coastal scenery that Pompano Beach has to offer, creating a serene backdrop to your angling adventure. Whether you're an experienced angler seeking the thrill of the chase, a group of friends and family bonding over a unique experience, or simply in search of a day of relaxation on the water, Captain Tom's Shark Fishing Trip caters to all. Secure your reservation today and get ready to create unforgettable memories. Don't miss this opportunity – book now and let Captain Tom lead you to shark-fishing success in the beautiful waters of Florida! Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Pompano Beach

Shark Smash!

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30 ft 1 - 6 People From $129 / person

For those that might not be looking to spend a full 8 hours out on the water, or simply don't have time, Captain Preston offers 4 hour half day charters and 6 hour 3/4 adventures just for you! **Half Day 4-Hour Trip** Want to give fishing a try but not sure you want to commit the entire day? A half day charter could be right for you. These trips are also recommended for those prone to seasickness, or with young kids. Due to Captain Preston's close proximity to fishable waters, there is still a good amount of time to catch some quality fish. Trips typically run from 8am-12pm, or 1pm-5pm for these 4 hour adventures. **3/4 Day 6-Hour Trip** Can't decide between half-day and full-day? Split the difference with a 6-hour charter. These trips allow Captain Preston to be a bit more flexible with the fishing styles you'll use compared to a half day. This is Definitely Captain Preston's most popular option, and typically run from 8am- 2pm. No matter which option you choose, you be able to rest assured knowing you made the right decision once you step aboard the Second Wynnd with a Fort Lauderdale native in Captain Preston. She's a custom-built 2020, 37’ SeaVee and is one of the newest and nicest boats in the Lauderdale charter fleet. Triple outboard engines power the Second Wynnd, so you won’t experience the strong-smelly diesel fumes that many other boats can produce, significantly reducing the chance of seasickness. Both trip options include a variety of all the best light and heavy rods, reels, tackle, and bait to land an assortment of fish! Captain Preston will clean your catch at the end of the day as well so you can take home some tasty table fare for the freezer. Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Fort Lauderdale

Half - 3/4 Day Trip - 37’ SeaVee

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37 ft 1 - 6 People From $167 / person
Damn Good

The all day trip is my favorite trip, it gives us a lot of time to try a bunch of different tactics to make the day as productive as possible. We can run offshore and look for birds and debris chasing mahi mahi, troll on the edge of the reef for wahoo sailfish and tuna, drop on wrecks for snappers and groupers. I usually will talk to the customers and put a game plan together to make there fishing experience as memorable as possible. Read More

Deep Sea, Inshore, Jetty, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Fort Lauderdale

Full Day Of Florida Fun!

28 ft 1 - 4 People From $275 / person

Welcome to Captain Brad's #1 Offshore charter, where we specialize in providing unforgettable fishing charters and boat cruises. Our mission is to turn every fishing trip into an extraordinary experience, creating memories that last a lifetime. Our experienced crew is dedicated to ensuring that each customer not only catches fish but also enjoys every moment on board. With a passion for the ocean and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we take pride in delivering one-of-a-kind adventures. Whether you're an avid angler or a leisure seeker looking for good time, we cater to all preferences. Our well-maintained vessels are equipped with top-notch fishing gear and comfortable amenities to make your trip enjoyable and comfortable. We don't just offer fishing charters; we provide an opportunity to connect with the sea, nature, and each other. Join us for an unforgettable journey on the water, and let us make your fishing trip an experience of a lifetime. Read More

Deep Sea, Inshore, Jetty, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Pompano Beach

#1 Offshore Charter

28 ft 1 - 8 People From $75 / person

Private charters Once I’m onboard the luxury fishing yacht Sea Cross or Sea CrossII the one of a kind feeling of a trophy Shark, Sailfish or Marlin on the end of your line it’s kind of like landing that client or ceiling the deal that you have been after for months and finally closed. Having a corporate day at sea on the Sea Cross is a great way to relax, have fun and build relationships with your team and clients. We have been working with some companies and VIPs for many years and it is always fun to see who catches the bigger fish, the client,rookie or the boss. For large corporate groups we can organize multiple boats and a fishing tournaments between them. No matter what size your company is everyone is going to be involved that day as soon as they get off of that bus I personally Capt. Rafael Mayans Will Greet everyone upon arrival so let’s get ready for a great time deep sea fishing here in Miami “Only on the Sea Cross” Charters for large groups When it comes to large groups the Sea Cross fleet is a great solution. Whether you need 2 boats or as many boats your event would need, we can coordinate any group outing. And you will still be receiving hands on attention on your multiple boat captain Rafael men’s will be there to greet your group upon arrival coordinate all the teams and get everyone involved it’s what we do “Only on the Sea Cross” What should be included in your charter? With your Deep Sea charter you will get custom rods, reels, bait, tackle and Florida Fishing License all included in you trip. We are a fully licensed fleet that has been running charters in Miami for 30 years. Every trip is a special day to us! we always go above and beyond “Only on the Sea Cross” Wheelchair accessible fishing The Sea Cross fleet is equipped to handle wheelchairs. We have provided once in a lifetime experiences to those that use wheelchairs with multiple disabilities we go above and beyond to make sure you trusted us with their day out at sea. “Only on the Sea Cross” Read More

Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Miami Beach

Full Day Off Shore Deep Sea Fishing

100% (3)
45 ft 1 - 6 People From $267 / person
Damn Good

Fish till your heart's content and pop iguanas along the way on this full day Peacock Bass/Iguana hunt Combo trip with Captain Mike down in Fort Lauderdale. Peacock Bass are gorgeous prize fish that battle hard on the line, which should make for an exciting adventure! Everything is provided on these trips: Rods, Reels, Tackle, Bait, Airguns, Blow Guns, Bowfishing Setups (if requested), Fishing Licenses, Cooler, Ice, Water. For these combo Iguana/Peacock Bass adventures you will meet up with Captain Mike at the boat ramp within 20 minutes of Fort Lauderdale with your party of up to 4 people. Once you meet up, Captain Mike will go over important safety rules as well as gun and firearm information. From there you will load up on the 18' Pro Dive Skiff and travel down a canal system (loaded with iguanas) to head to the fishing grounds. These canal systems are so full of iguanas that you hardly need to focus on hunting them. This is the beauty of the Combo trip, you can fish for Peacock bass till your heart's content, and if you see an Iguana pop up in front of you, you can put down the fishing rod and Captain Mike will create a safe shooting situation so you can make the shot with one of the many methods available. He offers airgun or blow gun, bowfishing setups, as well as rod and reel with a noose! All you need to bring on this trip is snacks and water and appropriate clothing. The meat will be quartered and bagged for you free of charge at the end of your adventure, and yes, Iguanas are delicious! Read More

Invasive Species, Lake, River Fishing, Hunting Trip in Plantation

Iguana Hunt/Peacock Bass Combo With Retriever Dog

100% (12)
22 ft 1 - 6 People From $150 / person
Damn Good

Get out there with Captain Fred and experience the thrill of inshore fishing in the crystal clear waters of Miami Beach, FL! This exciting fishing charter will take you on a memorable journey to catch some of the most sought-after species in the area, including Kingfish, Sharks, Wahoo, Tuna, and bunch of others. The unique thing about fishing here in Miami is the fact that the deep water lies just a few miles off the beach, so you can get on big fish without the time or the expense! On this trip, you'll be on a 27' Conch center console, a state-of-the-art vessel that is fully equipped with everything you need for a successful fishing trip. It has top-of-the-line fishing equipment, including bait wells, lures, rods, and reels, as well as a spacious deck area and comfortable seating for up to six guests. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, Captain Fred will tailor the trip to your preferences and skill level. You'll have the opportunity to learn new techniques and hone your skills as you chase after your target species. This trip will mainly be trolling, but there are other fishing techniques you can put to work as well. As you cast your line and wait for a bite, you'll also be surrounded by the stunning beauty of Miami Beach, with its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and abundant wildlife. The excitement of the chase and the thrill of the catch will be amplified by the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you! So come aboard and experience the ultimate inshore fishing adventure with Captain Fred. It's an experience you'll never forget and a story you'll be telling for years to come! Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Miami Beach

Fishing Fun In The Sun

100% (5)
27 ft 1 - 4 People From $225 / person

Everything is included on this trip. no hidden fees. Captain Tom is a South Florida Native and an Army veteran. He grew up fishing the the Atlantic waters from Miami to ft pierce Florida. Specializing in Live bait fishing for sailfish, tuna, wahoo, dolphin, kingfish and more.. Trolling lures for the same species is also a specialty. Customer service is a top priority for the captain, striving to make sure every fisherman enjoys their day on the water. The conch center console is built especially for fishing the south Florida waters of the Atlantic. Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Pompano Beach

Half Day Deep Sea Fishing

100% (5)
30 ft 1 - 6 People From $96 / person

Sportfishing here in Miami Beach is a unique experience unlike any other. Captain Ethan and his crew know the area and know how to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. His sportfishing charters offer plenty of opportunities to catch and keep your fish, if you so desire! Ethan and his crew can even clean your catch and suggest nearby restaurants that will cook it up for you. Charters launch from the Miami Beach Marina and traverse the area between Ft. Lauderdale and Key Largo. However, if the fishing report states a much wider range, Captain Ethan will go as far as 30 miles offshore. His goal is to give you the best sportfishing experience possible—each and every trip. Some of the fish regularly caught on these trips include Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Kingfish, Tuna, Sharks, Blackfin Tuna, and Wahoo. However, an unexpected blue or white Marlin may show its face in the spread, when an experienced angler knows you never know what to expect. While a few fish are catch and release only, you can keep much of what you catch—depending on size. Our crew will keep you up to date with the current information. A day of sport fishing is something you will never forget! All equipment is provided, but you are welcome to use your own if you prefer. Please bring your own snacks and drinks for the trip as well as a tip for the deckhands! Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Miami Beach

Miami Beach Sportfishing Trip

100% (6)
33 ft 1 - 6 People From $192 / person

Welcome to Captain Dennis' Fishing charters, where big fish are always in season. If you are in the Fort Lauderdale area and are looking for the fight of a lifetime look no further! We will be targeting GIANT Tarpon and Snook on relatively light tackle, hooking into fish in the 100lb+ range. These big Tarpon put on quite a show, jumping 6+ feet out of the water, pulling a TON of drag, breaking a lot of gear and a lot of hearts. But if you have the determination and with a little bit of luck you just might land the fish of a lifetime. Come out and test your skills against the most prized inshore fish in the world, The Silver King, Tarpon! Captain Dennis specializes in inshore fishing for large Snook and Tarpon. He offers half-day charters for up to 4 anglers and will also supply all necessary bait and tackle. Sticking mainly to calm inshore protected waters, there’s no need to worry about getting seasick on his boat. Family and kid-friendly, they cater to all experience levels, from the avid angler to the first-time fisherman. Times are flexible, so send the captain a message and let him know if there is a time that works better for you. Fishing licenses are included. Book your trip now and hit the water with Captain Dennis for an epic inshore experience. Read More

Flats, Inshore, Jetty, Nearshore, River Fishing Charter in Fort Lauderdale

Epic Inshore Tarpon & Snook

18 ft 1 - 4 People From $150 / person
Damn Good

Embark on the ultimate offshore sportfishing adventure with Don't Panic, a 43-foot Post Sportfish vessel based in Pompano Beach, FL. Designed with the angler in mind, this fishing machine offers ample deck space and comfortable amenities inside, ensuring a remarkable fishing experience. Don't Panic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable ride on the open waters. Step aboard and let Captain Ron, a 50-ton USCG licensed captain with over 30 years of experience, guide you to the hottest fishing spots. No matter your skill level, all are welcome on this exciting expedition. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, our team provides top-of-the-line fishing equipment, ensuring you have the tools necessary for a successful outing. As you cast your line, feel the adrenaline surge through your veins. Pompano Beach, FL, is renowned for its diverse and abundant marine life, making it an ideal destination for offshore sportfishing. From battling powerful game fish to reeling in trophy catches, every moment spent aboard Don't Panic promises an unforgettable adventure. With Captain Ron's expertise and the comfort of the well-equipped vessel, you can focus on the thrill of the chase and the excitement of reeling in your prize. Don't Panic ensures a comfortable ride, allowing you to enjoy every minute of your fishing experience. Book your offshore sportfishing trip today and prepare for an extraordinary adventure on the open waters of Pompano Beach. Let Don't Panic and Captain Ron guide you to a fishing experience of a lifetime, where memories are made, and epic catches await. Read More

Deep Sea, Nearshore Fishing Charter in Pompano Beach

Sunrise Saltwater Slam

100% (9)
43 ft 1 - 6 People From $142 / person
Damn Good

Searching for the beautiful and epic fighting Peacock Bass? Look no further and join Captain Mike for a Peacock Bass bonanza! These fish are some of the most colorful trophies you can collect, but they're no walk in the park to catch. While they may be plentiful in the lakes and rivers outside Fort Lauderdale, once hooked they fight the line viciously. This half day trip is sure to be a thrill! Captain Mike will use his extensive knowledge of the area to guide you to the best fishing holes in his 18' Pro Dive Skiff. The vessel is perfect for a fun freshwater adventure, in which you will be using light tackle and artificial lures (all provided by Captain Mike) to sight cast for the fiery fish. The captain provides almost everything you need to hook that prize trophy. All you need to bring on this amazing trip is water, appropriate clothing, and up to 4 of your family and friends. No matter how much experience you have fishing, this trip will be a blast! Read More

Lake, River Fishing Trip in Plantation

Fort Lauderdale Peacock Bass

100% (4)
18 ft 1 - 4 People From $125 / person
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Everything to Know About Booking a Key Biscayne light tackle fishing charter

What are the best light tackle fishing charters in Key Biscayne?

Our Damn Good Guides currently offer 70 light tackle fishing trips in Key Biscayne, and the most popular trips in the area are Miami Mixed Bag Trip guided by Andy, Full Day Hardcore Offshore Trip guided by Nel, and Epic Inshore Action guided by Alejandro.

Our guides in Key Biscayne are rated a 4.89 out of 5 based on 9596 verified reviews on Captain Experiences.

All guides on Captain Experiences are licensed, insured, and vetted by our team. You can access their reviews, click through trip photos, read bios to get to know them, and preview trip details like species, techniques, group sizes, boat specs and more.

Other popular cities nearby for booking a Light Tackle Fishing charter include Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach and Miami.

Looking for kid friendly light tackle fishing guides in Key Biscayne? Check out our beginner and family friendly light tackle fishing guides in Key Biscayne.

What types of light tackle fishing charters are common in Key Biscayne?

Deep Sea fishing is the most popular for light tackle fishing in Key Biscayne as well as nearshore fishing, inshore fishing, and flats fishing.

The most commonly sought after species for light tackle fishing in Key Biscayne are: 1. mahi mahi, 2. sailfish, 3. kingfish, and 4. wahoo.

How much do Key Biscayne light tackle fishing charters cost?

for light tackle fishing in Key Biscayne prices can range anywhere from an affordable $400 to $3,000 and up, but the average price for a half day trip for light tackle fishing in Key Biscayne is $767. The average price for a full day trip for light tackle fishing in Key Biscayne is $1,124.

What month is best for on a light tackle fishing charter in Key Biscayne?

The most popular season to go on a light tackle fishing charter in Key Biscayne is spring, and most anglers book their trips 32 days in advance.

Do I need a Key Biscayne fishing license and what are the bag limits in Key Biscayne?

If you’re thinking about a saltwater trip, you’re in luck! Our saltwater fishing tours in Key Biscayne don’t require you to purchase a fishing license – your group is covered by your boat’s captain. For freshwater trips, you’ll still need to purchase a license. See here for more information on fishing licenses, bag limits, and fishing season regulations in Key Biscayne. When in doubt, your fishing guide will always know the right rules and regulations.


How are fishing conditions in Key Biscayne?

View Key Biscayne Fishing Reports from our damn good guides.

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