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We started Captain Experiences to make it easy to book fishing and hunting guides around the world. With over 1,500 Damn Good Guides, our platform makes finding and booking a trip seamless. Head here to check out our trips.

We're receiving amazing feedback on our recent site updates, and it's showing in our 100% Verified 5-star reviews! Many questions come up during these conversations, some more often than others.

This "Captain Experiences Explained" post is an effort to share what we're all about. See below for honest answers to a few questions that keep coming up, and please let us know what you think. Here it goes:

galveston fishing

Mark and Joe had a blast aboard the Tequila Sunrise with Captain Lee Crisler.

What is Captain Experiences?

Captain Experiences makes booking a fishing trip quick and easy. Instead of playing phone tag with guides, search Captain Experiences for your ideal trip, read our 100% Verified Reviews, and book with our licensed and insured Damn Good Guides. We’re focused on fishing in Texas and also offer trips worldwide.

How does Captain Experiences work?

Follow these simple steps to Search It, Book It, Live It with Captain Experiences:

Search It:

  1. Visit captainexperiences.com and enter in your favorite fishing destination.
  2. Filter our trips based on Location, Group Size, Price, Species and more.
  3. Watch YouTube embedded videos, read our 100% Verified Reviews, click through fishing pictures, and review all the specifics to find the perfect trip for you. We’re always available at 833-CAPTAIN to answer any questions!
galveston fishing trips Galveston fishing charter

Find the perfect fishing trip for you and your group. Here, I've filtered Galveston fishing charters down to inshore, full-day trips for Redfish using conventional light tackle for under $600.

galveston bay fishing charters

Excited to catch some Redfish with Captain LG!

Book It:

  1. When you’ve found your ideal trip, select Book Now to reserve your dates and pay your deposit.
  2. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a QR Code via email (like a mobile boarding pass). This is all you’ll need for your trip, in addition to Fishing Licenses, cash to tip your guide and crew (10-20% is customary), and items listed under Required Items and Recommended Packing.
galveston bay fishing trips

No cash, no problem!

Live It:

  1. Prior to your trip, your guide will call you to explain trip specifics and answer any questions.
  2. On the day of your trip, show your guide your QR Code on your phone screen. He/she will take a picture of it and you’ll be all set to go fishing. Once scanned, the QR Code will transfer payment automatically so you can leave the cash at home (aside from a tip)!
  3. Only those with scanned QR Codes can leave 100% Verified Reviews, and guides must scan a group’s QR Code to receive payment. This mutually enforcing “virtual handshake” ensures all reviews on captainexperiences.com are left by groups who actually meet their guide and take their trip.
  4. After your trip, please tip your guides and crew (10-20% is customary) and complete your own 100% Verified Review to pay it forward to the next group.
montana fly fishing guides

Russ with a 5-star review and a 5-star Brook Trout.

How do I pay? Do I need cash at the dock?

Groups do not need cash for their fishing trips aside from cash to tip guides and their crews. Our unique and convenient QR Code system takes care of the rest!

Upon confirming your trip, you’ll be charged the listed deposit value. You’ll also receive a QR Code via email. When you meet your guide to start your trip, show your QR Code to your guide on your phone screen. He/she will take a photo of it, which will automatically transfer the outstanding payment balance (the total trip value less the deposit already paid). The credit card used to pay the deposit will be charged the outstanding payment balance.

This simple, 5-second solution means there’s no need for the 5am ATM run to bring cash to the docks (aside from a tip for your guide and crew). Our QR Code system also gets you out on the water faster as there’s no cumbersome check-in process.

fishing charters near me

Our quick and easy QR Code system replaces the need for cash at the docks.

Where are your guides?

captain experiences

Whether chasing Taimen in Kamchatka, Golden Dorado in Bolivia, or Tigerfish in Africa, we've got you covered.

Our Damn Good Guides are located all over, from San Diego to Cape Cod, Cabo San Lucas to Zambia, Africa! That being said, our densest concentration of guides can be found right here in Texas.

texas fishing guides

The Largemouth Bass, Redfish, Speckled Trout, Tuna, Wahoo, and Mahi Mahi are all bigger in Texas.

By the way, if we don’t have a guide in the specific area you’re looking for, reach out and we’ll do the work to present you with a few quality, licensed and insured options. This “concierge” service is completely free, just like our regular booking process!

tulum fishing charters

Eric put our "concierge" service and his grill to work in Tulum, Mexico.

How do you vet your guides?

In order to receive a trip through Captain Experiences, all of our guides must be licensed and insured. We require our guides to upload current and sufficient license and insurance documents and monitor documents to ensure our guides meet current local and federal requirements. These legal and safety requirements are “table stakes” for the trips we offer.

Beyond these firm requirements, we make sure our Damn Good Guides are honest, charismatic, thoughtful, professional, and enjoyable people. We maintain constant contact with our guides to continuously deepen our relationships and our understanding of their trips. We also send members of our team out to take trips with our guides as regularly as possible.

galveston offshore fishing

I had to head out with Captain Lee to make sure he really catches fish.

galveston deep sea fishing charters

His story checks out.

In short, after confirming valid license and insurance information, we vet our guides just like you vet your friends. We make sure they’re fantastic people that we’d like to spend a day on the water with. We guarantee you’ll have a blast with our Damn Good Guides.

What if I have to cancel?

Our deposit and cancellation policies vary on a trip-by-trip basis. If you cancel before the indicated No Cancellation Window, you’ll receive a full refund on your deposit.

If you cancel for any reason within the Cancellation Window, you will relinquish your deposit to your guide. These Cancellation Windows are set by our guides and protect them from lost revenue in the event that groups cancel without enough time for guides to rebook the date.

What is your 100% Trip Guarantee? What happens if there’s bad weather?

Our 100% Trip Guarantee ensures you will never lose out of pocket due to Weather-Related Incidents. In the event of a Weather-Related Incident, we will work with our guides to notify you immediately.

In the event that weather prevents the trip from occurring on the original Trip Date, we will work with you and your guide to reschedule the trip free of charge. If the trip cannot be rescheduled with both parties’ best efforts, a Full Refund will be issued.

Please note that Weather-Related Incidents are determined at the discretion of your guide and reviewed by Captain Experiences. Trips cannot be cancelled under Weather-Related Incidents by the Booking Party.

What does 100% Verified Reviews mean?

After booking your trip, you’ll receive a QR Code via email (like a mobile boarding pass).

On the day of your trip, show your guide your QR Code on your phone’s screen, he/she will take a photo of it, and you’ll be all set to go fishing. Payment will transfer automatically and will release a link for you to leave your own 100% Verified Review.

Guides must scan a group’s QR Code to receive payment and groups must have a scanned QR Code to leave a review. This mutually enforcing “virtual handshake” ensures all reviews were left by someone who actually met their guide and took their trip. No bots, no fake 5-star story from Brother Al about a trip that didn’t happen; just 100% Verified Reviews.

Social media platforms have no systems to vet reviews, websites allow guides to pay them to rank higher, and some outfits require guides to pay for the outfit’s endorsement.

At Captain Experiences, our 100% Verified Reviews set us above any other online or offline resource as the only transparent and authentic source for fishing trip testimonials.

We don’t tell you who the best guides are: our community does. It’s in the best interests of all involved to share honest reviews, and that’s what our 100% Verified Reviews protect.

If you have a 5-star trip with one of our Damn Good Guides, please share your experience for others to read and enjoy.

While our guides really are Damn Good, they’re only human. If your trip left something to be desired, please leave your honest and authentic review nonetheless. Our guides appreciate these reviews as well, as they provide valuable feedback for guides to improve for future groups.

Authentic 100% Verified Reviews always lead to better days on the water for groups and guides!

How do I communicate with my guide?

Once your trip is confirmed, you and your guide will automatically exchange contact information. Your guide will reach out via email, call, or text to confirm trip specifics.

Where is Captain Experiences based?

Captain Experiences is based in Austin, Texas. Founded in Houston in 2019, we’re headquartered in downtown Austin, Texas where we work tirelessly to help you book the trip of a lifetime every time.

What causes do you support?

Captain Experiences is relentlessly committed to supporting local fisheries and the ecosystems, industries, and communities they support through our active involvement with the IGFA, CCA, Trout Unlimited, and B.A.S.S.


Captain Experiences proudly supports the IGFA.

We also dedicate our time and efforts to supporting Active Duty Military Servicemen and Servicewomen, Veterans, First Responders, Policemen and Policewomen, and Firefighters. If you dedicate yourself to these causes, please reach out for a 5% discount as a small token of our gratitude.

galveston bay fishing charter

DJ and his family enjoying some quality time on Galveston Bay- Thank You for your service, DJ!

Captain Experiences also pledges to donate $5,000 to the Sergeant James Johnston Family Fund. In 2019, Sergeant James Johnston made the ultimate sacrifice defending our country in Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife, Krista, and newborn daughter, Jamie.

Sgt. James Johnston’s parents, Meghan Billiot and Derek Billiot, are valued members of the Captain Experiences family as the owners and operators of Reel Men Fishing Charters in Galveston, TX. It was their hope that Jamie, an avid fisherman, would start guiding trips for the family business following his serving our country.

Please see here for more regarding Sergeant James Johnston and the Johnston family.

galveston TX fishing

We can't thank you enough, Jamie. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do what we love.

Booking a trip with Captain Experiences helps us support these causes!

What makes Captain Experiences different?

Captain Experiences is the only resource for quick and easy fishing trip bookings and transparent and authentic 100% Verified Reviews. Our services are always 100% free and we have you covered from Flies to Flights!

captain experiences galveston

Captain Experiences helps groups book the trip of a lifetime every time with our Damn Good Guides. We’re excited to read your 100% Verified Review soon!