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“Within five minutes of lines out, we were double hooked, sweating under the Mexican sun as we fought our first two monsters of the day”

Read on for more of this epic guest review from Graham Hill, who went out with one of our best outfitters in Cabo, Raul Solis:

Fishing Cabo San Lucas

En Route to Cabo Sport Fishing Paradise

Watching the sunrise over the famous Cabo arches alone was worth the trip - the sun created the illusion of diamonds glittering across the bay as our 40 foot sport fisher sped out into the open water. Having booked this fishing guide in Cabo through Captain Experiences, a soup-to-nuts charter service that connects eager fishermen to only the best charter guides in the region, the only thing me and my seven counterparts had to do was enjoy the brisk salty air and fresh brewed coffee.

Boat Leaving Marina Cabo San Lucas

“Great white!” I startled awake as Captain Pepe, our tenured & very amiable guide, pointed across the ocean. Two enormous whales had launched themselves out of the water and landed with a splash a mere 20 yards from our boat. My heart rate slowed as I learned Great Whites are also a species of whale.

Pelican Flying by Boat Cabo

Cabo San Lucas Fishing - Let the Action Begin

30-minutes into our cruise out into deeper water, where we sought Kingfish, Yellowtails, and Rooster fish, we slowed down to begin our leisurely troll, and lines went out with live bait and artificial. Within five minutes of lines out, we were double hooked, sweating under the Mexican sun as we fought our first two monsters of the day. Sounding like a high RPM gocart, line was sucked from the reel as our giants below took off. Thirty minutes later, we landed two giant Yellowtails, more than enough fish to fill the freezer for the trip!

Yellowtail Cabo San Lucas

The action continued as we trolled along the coast, taking in the beauty of the gorgeous Mexican estates lining the white beaches, all the while whales breaching around the boat. With Mackerel & Yellowtails in the boat, we headed to deeper water to fish for Group & Snapper.

The freezer full, our forearms sore, and a few beers in, we slowly headed back to shore. I dozed off when a shriek brought me back. The girls, laughing, and pointing with phones, had a made a new friend. An enormous Sea Lion had boarded the swim plan on the back of the boat and was very politely eyeing the leftover bait fish we had on board. I nervously slid closer to toss him a fish which he caught in the air, not unlike a good Labrador Retriever, and slid back into the deep blue waters.

Sea Lion in Cabo San Lucas

What's better than Cabo fishing? Cabo eating.

Back at our Villa, we quickly sliced the fish into thin sashimi slices, and enjoyed our morning’s catch over a batch of margaritas, binoculars in hand as we watched the less threatening of the two Great Whites splash the afternoon away.

Yellowtail Sashimi Cabo

Nothing with nature is ever a guarantee, but this was about as close as one gets. The ease of booking a Cabo fishing charter with Captain Experiences wed with the easygoing vibes of Cabo deep sea fishing with Solis yielded a trip I will never forget, and always recommend!