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Our Damn Good Guide Kit never would have dreamed that fly fishing would bring him fame when he started guiding trips, and he most definitely was not expecting to end up on an episode of reality TV. But that’s exactly where he ended up when a group of gals from Dallas decided they wanted to go fly fishing for rainbows in beautiful Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

The crew for the TV series Real Housewives of Dallas showed up to the river to meet Kit at around 5:30 in the morning. He was prepared with all his gear, including coolers with aerators to keep the fish alive for the cameras. Before the group could go anywhere though, Kit had to sign 4 pages of paperwork, listen to all the rules and stipulations, and wait for the crew to get set up. Kit couldn’t wait to get to fishing, but he said there was a lot of “hurry up and wait” which was different from the pace he was used to with his usual clients.

Kit Brown With a Rainbow Trout

Kit was expecting 1 or 2 people and a couple of cameras to follow them around for the day, but that wasn’t the case. Three of the girls went to a winery and three of them went fishing, and each group had a camera crew of 15 people with them, making 30 crew members in total. They had 2 vans of equipment that met them at the fishing site. In addition to all the cameramen, the crew was made up of a director, 2 assistants, makeup artist, and a sound guy.

The spot Kit took them fishing is nicknamed Cardiac Hill because of the intense hiking involved. Going down is no big deal, but going back up is an intense hike, and the crew had to haul all their gear to the river to record the footage.

The film crew followed the group for around 10 hours of filming in the September heat. It was 98 degrees that day, and Kit said he felt bad for the crew, wearing all black in the beating sun. He could see their sweat running off their faces dripping into the water.

Every time they wanted to change locations to fish, the crew had to mobilize with them. Kit recalled that it was a lot of waiting around to get back into the action, as he said “hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait”. As the camera crew would take its time setting up the new location and getting positioning right for filming, the group would discuss new stories to tell or topics to discuss. After all the time and effort spent on the river that day by the crew and the girls, they only used 20 minutes of film. Kit was shocked by how much they decided to cut after all that.

Making The First Cast

When they finally got to wetting lines, it took no time at all for the fish to bite. On the very first cast, a fish hit but nobody was paying attention, so they unfortunately, missed it. None of the girls knew anything about fishing, but Kit has plenty of experience teaching people how to fly fish, and this wasn’t his first rodeo.

Although it’s not easy to learn to fly fish in one day, the girls were still embarrassed by missing that first fish. But Kit was right there to make them feel better at the end of the day with a mason jar of moonshine for them.

Kit knows the landscape like the back of his hand as he’s been guiding trips on this river for {quite some time}. He could tell you that everything out here wants to bite or stick you. That's not even the worst part about the rivers in Oklahoma. Kit says that the most prevalent irritant is ticks. On top of that, the pollen was so bad that it had Kit’s allergies turned up to 11 and the housewives had to put up with it all day. Despite the elements, the housewives fished for a full day on the river.

Kit told us that he had met celebrities before, and for the most part, they all had one thing in common: they were never the way they portrayed themselves to the public. In the case of the real housewives, you could say that they were 100% real. The girls were getting drunk in their usual fashion, but Kit found this somewhat disturbing because with waders on in a river, it can be dangerous if you fall in.

He has taken other celebrities fishing before, including the Governor of Oklahoma. The Governor didn’t have a large camera crew or anything of that nature with him, but he did have 2 sniper agents watching while they fished, which Kit thought was pretty cool. Unfortunately, the governor only caught 1 fish.

A Bit about Kit

While Kit wouldn’t really consider himself famous, he is popular among anglers—more specifically, anglers who love to fly fish. He said “There are X number of people in the world, 1/10th of them that fish, 1/10th of them that fly fish, and 1/10th of them that love to fly fish” That small percentage of the population contains the people who know of Kit Brown. His audience is niche, but that’s what makes it easy to stay humble. Kit said that nobody really knows him unless they’re in the business, but he doesn’t mind.

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