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Port Isabel, Texas, is an angler’s haven, offering a variety of fish that make every trip to the Gulf of Mexico a potential adventure. Here are some of the most sought-after fish, with insights on when and where to catch them.

1. Red Drum (Redfish)

Redfish caught while wade fishing in Port Isabel

Known for their bronze body and a distinctive spot near the tail, redfish thrive in the shallow coastal waters of Port Isabel. Best caught in late summer to early fall, they're a favorite among sight fishers due to their size, which can reach over 40 inches.

2. Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout Caught Near Port Isabel

With their sleek, spotted bodies, speckled trout are often found in seagrass beds and sandy flats. Peak season is spring and fall when these fish are most active, making them a perfect target for wade and kayak fishing enthusiasts.

3. Flounder

Flounder caught near Port Isabel

Masters of camouflage with a flat, eye-adorned body, flounder hug the sandy bottoms near jetties and docks. They're best caught during the fall migration when they move offshore, providing an exciting fishing experience with their unique ambush method of hunting.

4. Snook

Snook caught near Port Isabel

Snook are a robust game fish with a prominent jawline and a black lateral stripe running down their body. Found in the mangrove-choked backwaters and passes, they're most active from late spring to early fall, providing an exhilarating challenge with their strength and speed.

5. Black Drum

Black Drum caught near Port Isabel

Larger and less colorful than their red cousins, black drum are notable for their barbels and large vertical stripes as juveniles. They are often caught during the colder months, especially in areas with oyster beds where they feed.

6. Tarpon

Tarpon caught near Port Isabel

The "Silver King," with its large, shiny scales and powerful build, offers an iconic fishing battle. Migrating through Port Isabel's waters in the late spring and summer, tarpon are a bucket-list catch for their acrobatic fights and impressive size, which can exceed 6 feet.

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