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Deep Sea Fishing San Diego 2020 Recap

Well, what can you say ... 2020 has been a hard year for all of us. At the start of the season, I was not sure there was even gonna be a season. Our landings where shut down, our bait was shutdown, even our harbors and launch ramps were shut down. Fishing was closed. We all stayed inside for what seemed months (maybe it was, just a blur) and then finally... fishing was again open. There were exaltations and curses, excitement and frustration, but one thing was for sure, the season was ON.

Just in time too... the tuna got here almost on cue for our trips, or maybe they were already here. No one knows for sure. But there where SCHOOLS of hungry Bluefin Tuna who had not seen deep sea fishing charters in months.

March Preseason: Tuna Fishing Trip Prep Before Lockdown

Right before we got locked down, we were about to start an EARLY and EPIC Bluefin Tuna season. It has been at least four years since I have seen the size and volume of Bluefin tuna this early in the season.

As you can see by the above video, those are BIGGER than usual bluefin, averaging 200lbs+ and some of the larger specimens just shy of 300 lbs. As always, the kite was the go to weapon on our San Diego fishing charters, and frozen flying fish where the ammo.

There are not many times when an angler can say that "it was wide open 100+ lb fish", but indeed that was the case. Now keep in mind that this was a LOOOONG run down south, west of fishing in Ensenada about 60 miles out. The colder water did not seem to deter these fish.

Then San Diego Fishing Trips were Locked Down

Our landings, our bays, and our beaches, all shut down. And the USCG was stopping and sending home any boat that tried to go fishing (don't ask me how I know). And for a while there, the 2020 sportfishing season looked like it would end right there. We would stay on lockdown until JUNE 9th, when H&M Landing (where we depart from) was legally allowed to reopen. The season was SAVED and there was much rejoicing.

Sportfishing in San Diego Reopens in June

June was a very stressful month; even though we had reopened on June 9th, at any moment the health department could close down our operation, and the entire season would be over. Once the doors opened, like an avalanche, the anglers descended upon us. On June 8th there were NO San Diego fishing charters, and on the days after the announcement, the phone caught on fire and hasn't stopped since. The fishing industry owes a big thanks to all of the diehard anglers who literally came in and saved the day.

June 13, first bluefin tuna landed for a customer after the lock down ended.

san diego fishing charters

At just over 140 lbs, this is no monster. However, it was our first 100 lb+ Bluefin Tuna after the shut down, and it was worth celebrating! Little did we know how much better the tuna fishing was going to get.

deep sea fishing san diego

The Nomad makes use of another perfect weather day to go land fish.

san diego fishing trips

Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowtail all show up in numbers, but where are the Mahi Mahi?

Fishing Charter Scoreboard in July

The Nomad racks up an early summer lead by producing volume, the Easter B is just trailing by a little, followed by the Deadeye.

sportfishing in san diego

The Nomad with Captain Mike Sorr runs Mission Bay fishing charters.

san diego tuna fishing charter charter boat fishing san diego

Big Bluefin tuna show up in great numbers, but we are hampered by several bad weather windows.

GREAT San Diego Tuna Charter action within a 24 hour six pack charter! Again!

Deep Sea Fishing San Diego in August

san diego deep sea fishing charters

Captain Walsh of the Easter B with a nice one!

point loma fishing charters

Add another notch for the Nomad.

charter boat san diego san diego fishing trip

The Kraken (4 pack) and the Easter B (6 pack) clean up on the yellowtail.

The one that got away. That was cool air time though.

Aug 23 New Charter Boat Atun Added to the San Diego Sportfishing Fleet

Aug 30: The Erin Anne Shows Off her Lines

As August ended we were still landing big Bluefin Tuna on the overnight fishing trips consistently. These Bluefin where definitely not school fish, but on average were over 100 lbs, with some of the bigger ones approaching 300. The 12 charter boats are seeing seasonal Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail, and lots of Dorado (Mahi Mahi) as the month ends.

The DEADEYE scores again.

deep sea fishing trip san diego

Score a BIG one for the Deadeye. This one came in over 200+ lbs.

Another fine haul!

deep sea fishing san diego california san diego sport fishing charters

Another Bluefin Tuna and a NICE Yellowtail.

Fishing Charter Season Highlights

fishing charters san diego ca

273 LBS monster taken on the EASTER B with Captain Trevor.

san diego ca sport fishing charters

THREE Bluefin over 120 lbs, one trip with Capt. Reeve, NEXUS four pack.

fishing charter san diego ca

266LBs on the ERIN ANNE II with Captain Chris.

san diego charters fishing charters near me

185LB Marlin caught on the Atun on September 7th about 40 miles due west of San Diego.

A rare catch in these waters! Captain Clinton Dunn said he always runs with fast running lures out on the way home and was proceeding at about 11knots when the strike came.

Well to sum it up, 2020 has been a fantastic year for sportfishing in San Diego. Fishing trips provide a great way to get out of the house and get back into nature. Spending time at sea with friends and loved ones cannot be beat. The season is by far not over. In fact, I predict we'll be seeing Bluefin Tuna until November. So check out our San Diego fishing charters fleet to get on 'em!

If you would like to book San Diego fishing trips, you still have time! We are still on the Bluefin Tuna fishing San Clemente, Yellowtail fishing the Coronado Islands, and Yellowfin Tuna and Mahi Mahi fishing at the middle banks. We are having our best season in years—the fish counts don't lie. If you would like to come for a trip, click the button below and pick find the perfect fishing charter for you.

Until next time, see you on the water, Nick

  • West Coast Guest Editor