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The People Who Go Outdoors

There are people who sneak off alone, in pairs, or even small groups, to spend time in isolated places usually in complete silence. This might sound insane, but this distilled perspective of spending time outdoors helps to explain its benefits. Truthfully, an outdoors lifestyle is not for everyone, but here’s how all humans benefit from spending time out in nature.

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The Measurable Benefits

There has been an overwhelming amount of research on the effects of being outdoors. The research discovered objective benefits that stem from certain environmental factors. One of the most well known benefits of getting outside is the exposure to sunlight. Getting some sun helps support many bodily functions, including everything from maintaining strong bones and lowering blood pressure to better sleep.

Another benefit of getting outside stems from the air in a forest or heavily wooded area. Simply breathing the air in the woods has been proven to boost the immune system and trigger increased white blood cell production. This allows the body to fight off infections, tumors, and other internal threats.

Finally, the mental benefits associated with getting outside are numerous. Being in a natural environment has been linked to reduced symptoms of ADHD, faster recovery, and improved mood. While the exact causes of these benefits are much more difficult to identify, it’s likely related to being in a less stimulating environment.

Impact On Life

The proven benefits of spending more time in nature are great, but the impact of incorporating the outdoors into your life are much more profound. Living an outdoors lifestyle connects you with the natural world and gives you an intimate look at where food comes from. There’s a variety of edible plants, berries, nuts, and mushrooms that can be foraged. In most cases, these wild grown foods are more nutritious and flavorful than their commercial counterparts.

Hunters and anglers also have access to wild food in the form of game fish and animals. These animals have a varied diet, making them more nutritious. Harvesting wild meat also opens up an abundance of proteins that are not available at stores.

The majority of outdoor activities require physical exertion in some way, which comes with a long list of benefits. The outdoors drive people to have an active lifestyle, which is good for the body on its own, but also compounds all of the other benefits previously mentioned.

New Perspectives

Anyone who has become involved in the outdoors from an otherwise lacking background saw their perspectives transformation all around them. Getting in touch with and immersed in nature starts a lifelong education that’s shaped by collecting experiences.

Hunting and fishing force people to gain an intimate understanding of predator prey relationships and meat processing. Hiking and foraging make seasonal changes obvious and easy to observe.

These natural observations and lessons quickly change how you look at things in everyday life. In a city and suburban setting, seasonal changes are masked with foreign plants, so planters are green or blooming almost year round.

Walking the grocery store is also different as you gain an understanding of the natural seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables. With produce being shipped in from around the world, grocery stores have very little seasonal variation. Finally, viewing the various meats for sale at the butcher is a deeper and more thoughtful decision.

Take to The Wild

Everyone who turns to the wilderness for a refresh enjoys the experience in a different way. Even in a group of people on the same trip, everyone will walk away with a different perspective and sense of appreciation.

Whether heading miles offshore or deep into the woods, getting outdoors provides experiences that can benefit and transform your life. Gaining a deeper and more meaningful understanding of your surroundings doesn’t happen overnight, but by consistently getting outdoors, it will gradually sink in.