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Big Ol Mess Table of Contents:

Texas Fishing Reports

  1. Aransas Pass Fishing Reports
  2. Austin Fishing Reports
  3. Dallas Fishing Reports
  4. Falcon Lake Fishing Reports
  5. Freeport Fishing Reports
  6. Galveston Fishing Reports
  7. Lake Conroe Fishing Reports
  8. Lake Texoma Fishing Reports
  9. Matagorda Fishing Reports
  10. Port Aransas Fishing Reports
  11. Port O'Connor Fishing Reports
  12. Rockport Fishing Reports
  13. South Padre Island Fishing Reports
  14. Texas City Fishing Reports
  15. Trinity River Fishing Reports

Beyond Texas

  1. Biloxi Fishing Reports (Mississippi)
  2. Calcasieu Lake Fishing Reports (Louisiana)
  3. Charleston Fishing Reports (South Carolina)
  4. Destin Fishing Reports (Florida)
  5. Islamorada Fishing Reports (Florida)
  6. Key West Fishing Reports (Florida)
  7. New Smyrna Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)
  8. Orange Beach Fishing Reports (Alabama)
  9. Pensacola Fishing Reports (Florida)
  10. Venice Fishing Reports (Louisiana)
  11. West Palm Beach Fishing Reports (Florida)

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Aransas Pass Fishing Reports

"Trout continue to be good out front on trailer island, hard packed sand and grass is the structure you need to fish. Find guts and cuts - with grass - fish edges using top water, Down south lures in super model and burner shad - dark flavors have been the best. If you don't need em release em. Reds have been scattered - mud, grass and potholes have been the tickets for them. South bay has been hot - top water action has been great. Rig your super model Down south up weedless to combat the grass - continue to incorporate the major and minors in your fishing day to increase your opportunity to catch fish."-Captain Larry

aransas pass fishing charters1

2) Austin Fishing Reports

"Look for schools of bass top be hanging out in the marinas floating over deep water. Small soft jerkbaits and finesse worms on a drop shot rig have been the ticket."-Ander

austin fishing trips

3) Dallas Fishing Reports

"Finally got hot this week on Fork as well as the fishing picked up if you can take the heat . Big crank baits over deep water Shad patterns working best over 22-25 ft. Creek channel swings and long points best . Carolina rigs with big worms and Texas rigs with big worms working on points in 18-22 ft. Blue fleck best color ."-Marc

dallas fishing charters

4) Falcon Lake Fishing Reports

Catfish are biting hard! Stay with live and prepared baits to reel these guys in. Black bass hang around the deep drops, brush, rocks, and covered areas in water depths 15-20 feet. They're good on deep crank baits and thick worms.

Pictures from Robert's Falcon Lake fishing trips.

falcon lake fishing trip

5) Freeport Fishing Reports

Redfish, Speckled Trout, and Black Drum are good on shrimp. You can find Redfish on the flats or shoreline. Speckled trout are good the pass or in shallow water (less than 4 feet). Black drum are good near the vegetation. Sheepshead will be found around the oyster reefs and rocks and are good on live bait.

Pictures from Captain Marc's Freeport fishing trips.

freeport fishing charters1

Pictures from Captain Mike's Freeport fishing trips.

freeport fishing charters2